Trust, Safety, & Convenience

Teko is the easiest way to get a background-checked, certified, and experienced technicians, to your doorstep!

What We Are

Teko is a technology startup launched in September 2017 and received its first investment in late 2018 from Cortex Technologies Inc., the technology arm of Concepcion Industrial Corporation, the leading consumer appliances and industrial solutions manufacturer in the Philippines.

Who We Are

Teko is led by a team of professionals with consolidated experience in technology and consumer services. We are passionate and determined to innovate the mobile and appliance service industry.

What We Do

We provide a sophisticated platform that enables our clients to easily schedule a professional technician for mobile and appliance services. We allow technicians make efficient use of their time and generate more income. We provide an end-to-end solution for mobile and appliance manufacturers and distributors to streamline their after-sales services.