About Teko

Affordable & trusted appliance technician to your door.

Trusted Help And Solutions

Our online platform conveniently connects appliance owners with
background-checked and certified technicians.
A trusted appliance technician seeker
Technician searcher
Appliance owners can now book a service from a certified technician with ease. Get an affordable, verified and trusted technician sent to your door.
A trusted technician
A Teko technician
Technicians on our platform are empowered to succeed. They can now spend more time helping more clients and less time searching for leads.


Teko is a technology startup launched in September 2017 and received its first investment in late 2018 from Cortex Technologies Inc.


Teko is led by a team of professionals with consolidated experience in technology and consumer services. We are passionate and determined to innovate the home appliance services industry.