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Take Control of Your After-sales With COMS

A powerful platform for next level after-sales management, built especially for the consumer appliance and electronics Industry.

Complete Order Management System

COMS is an end-to-end white label solution that seamlessly connects all your after-sales partners on a single platform in the cloud.

With COMS your after-sales is...

  • Streamlined and fully synced with your internal organizations, customers, and service partners.
  • Automated with intelligent routing and real-time tracking of all service requests from start to completion.
  • Flexible in a simple Software as a Service (SaaS) model, managed in the cloud and projected to reduce costs by at least 40%.

The Most Cost Efficient Platform

Reduce after-sales technology cost by up to 40% compared to other solutions like SAP/C4C.


Nationwide service partners currently
collaborating with distributors and
manufacturers on COMS


Distributors and manufacturers
currently dispatching and
managing jobs on COMS


Jobs dispatched and tracked
on COMS in the first 3 months
and growing


Flexible and Robust

Your complete after-sales platform, powered by Teko.



Front-end portals and interfaces customized according to your brand, service flows, and content.


Powerful Dashboard

Monitor real-time, measure key metrics, and connect partners, parts and logistics on a single comprehensive dashboard.



Platform technology fully maintained for you in the cloud, including scalability, redundancy and secure hosting.

Built For The After-Sales Teams

Use automation and true real-time status updates to simplify and take control of In and Out-of-Warranty services, backjob processes, and parts ordering.


Customer Portal and Booking


Service and KPI Tracking


Call Center and Partner Portals


Parts Ordering and Status Tracking


Inventory Integration and Service Invoicing


Technician Mobile App

Key Features

Enhance communication and job progress tracking with powerful and easy to use features

For your customers

  • Self-service portal with a booking system and service rating capability
  • Customized design with your brand, services, and prices
  • Integrated email and SMS for service confirmations and updates

For your service partners

  • Service center, dealer, and technician portals
  • Automated Job matching, dispatching, and backjob processing
  • Easy and simplified Job completion, parts ordering, and service invoicing

For your after-sales teams

  • Call center portals and admin dashboards with a booking system
  • Fully customizable Job routing and service provider coverage areas
  • Complete control and tracking of all Jobs with real-time KPI monitoring
Teko COMS Service requests

Real-time progress tracking

Your after-sales team will prevent escalations faster than ever before with the real-time progress monitoring of all service providers.

Field service visibility

Your customers will follow the service delivery in real-time with automated features while your after-sales support team will get full visibility of the service progress.

Teko COMS field service tracking