Explore The Extensive Features Of COMS

Built for the after-sales needs of consumer appliance and electronics distributors and manufacturers.

Let automation handle your customers service requests

Engage the system intelligence to handle timely tasks and let your after-sales team focus on important duties.

Auto Dispatch

Order auto-dispatch

Automatically dispatch your customer order to service providers.

Auto Match

Order auto-match

Automatically match orders to service providers according to your job routing rules.

Order Management

Order management

Take control and update orders on behalf of your customers and service providers anytime.


Orders calendar view

View your master calendar of all orders in progress by all service providers in real-time.

Follow the after service delivery and remain informed

Receive replies to confirmations from your customers, handle the after service needs and track the quality.

Order Confirmation

Order confirmations

Send automated emails and SMS confirmations to your customers and service providers.

Service Rating

Service rating and feedback

Follow the quality of the service delivered and valuable customer feedback after each service.

Backjob Handling

Backjob handling

Re-open jobs and route them to original service providers or assign them to others.

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring

View KPIs, monitor real-time statistics and performance data of all service providers.

Simplify access for everyone through easy to use portals

Sync all your customers and partners with user friendly portals to provide you real-time insights.

Customer Portal

Customer portal and booking

Let your customers book and manage their service requests anytime.

Partner Portal

Partner portal and booking

Let your service providers receive and update jobs, order parts and book requests for their walk-in customers.

Call Center

Call center portal

Let your call center agents book and update jobs and respond faster to customer inquiries.

Admin Dasboard

Admin dashboard

Monitor and resolve issues in real-time via powerful metrics and admin control.

Manage service partners and monitor field activities

Organize service providers and monitor field services with real-time progress tracking and alerts.

Service Partner Management

Service providers management

Onboard your service providers, manage service coverage, daily volume load and more.

Field Tracking

Field service tracking

Locate and track service providers in the field with real-time updates.

Field Reports

Field reports

Collect data and receive updates with attachments in any file format: PDF, JPG, PNG.

Built-in Communication

Built-in communication

Connect in real-time with your entire team via built-in communication channels.

Integrate with your existing parts and ERP/CRM systems

Customize and integrate with your existing financial and inventory systems.


ERP/CRM integration

Integrate with your existing ERP/CRM solutions such as SAP S/4Hana.

Parts Inventory

Parts inventory integration

Integrated with your parts inventory system and allow your service providers to order parts anytime

Custom Domain

Custom domain

Use your domain name and branding to deliver seamless service to your customers.

Custom Pricing

Custom pricing

Customize with your own service rates and service details.

Track escalations with built-in CRM

Monitor job escalations and allow your after-sales team to take swift action with a streamlined process.

Escalation Reporting

Escalation reporting

Allow your customers and business partners to escalate important jobs.

Escalation Management

Escalation management

Track and route escalations to your after-sales members.

Enable online warranty registration

Validate In-Warranty units and maintain a reliable database of unit owners.

Technical Support

New unit registration

Allow your business partners to easily register In-Warranty units.

System Logs

In-Warranty Validation

Quickly validate In-Warranty units and view unit owners details.

Manage unit replacement

Track and integrate unit replacement workflow with your logistics.

Technical Support

Unit replacement monitoring

View all jobs related to a unit replacement request and update job details .

System Logs

Replacement approval

Manage replacement requests with an approval process before releasing to your ERP solution.

Receive full platform maintenance and support

Automatically receive all new features and updates with exclusive support 7 days a week.

Technical Support

Exclusive technical support

Receive the support of our COMS dedicated technical team, 7 days a week.

System Logs

System logs

Track and monitor critical activities of partners and after-sales staff on the platform in real-time.