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Teko | Your Air Conditioner Might Make Your Family Sick

Teko | Your Air Conditioner Might Make Your Family Sick

Air conditioner keeps us calm, cool and collected. But there are times they might just make us feel the opposite.

It is at home that we spend most of our time with family. Most of us, if not all, deem our home as a safe haven from harmful elements, even from seemingly innocent objects like an Air Conditioner.

After all, the world outside is a stressful place filled with stress, toxins, and pollutants that make us ill. As much as we want to think that our home will keep us protected from these stressors, that is not always the case. For example, has it ever occurred to you why there are times you or any of your family members do not feel so well inside your own house

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) causes several sicknesses to the household. Dull headaches, incessant coughing, endless sniffing, and asthma attacks to name a few. It might be more dangerous than you think, if not taken seriously. You or any of your family members might contract serious diseases, such as cancer.

That is why it is important that we do something about improving our home’s IAQ. We can prevent illnesses and live our life to the fullest if we do so.

There are many factors that cause IAQ in the household. Some examples are smoking inside and the cleaning products that we use.

In this article, we will focus on only one, which is the cooling or heating systems we use.

These appliances are air conditioners, heaters, electrical fans, and the like, which can be found in most homes.

There is no assurance that they release clean air every time since most things get dirty over time.

It is difficult to identify if our appliance is already toxic to our health but, regular cleaning and maintenance can help alleviate this problem.

Make sure that everyone in the family is breathing in good and healthy air. It is a must to check if these appliances are still clean.

A good starting point is to check the filters, which trap dust or other pollutants in the air. Air conditioners and heaters have these devices; they become filthy over continued use.

The filter is not the only thing that you need to check and clean in your air conditioner.

There are other components that we also need to check and clean, such as the cooling fins and coils.

Washing the filter is something that anyone in the family can do and it only takes two steps.

First, remove it from the machine and then clean it with plain water only.

If the filter looks irreparable, then it is advisable to get a new one instead.

Combat the potential sicknesses that your family might get. Availing regular air condition cleaning should be a priority.

Air condition cleaning is also worth your time and investment. It helps in preventing potential illnesses you and your family might have.

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