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Teko | Why Air Conditioner Cleaning Reduces Your Electric Bill

Teko | Why Air Conditioner Cleaning Reduces Your Electric Bill

Here’s why air conditioner cleaning is helpful in cutting down your electric bill.

The ‘ber months are finally here, but it’s still a bit warm over our side of the globe. That means most of us will still crank our air conditioning units to the highest level to beat the heat. As we enjoy the coolness our air conditioner brings, we might forget to book an air conditioner cleaning.

Many experts recommend air conditioner cleaning as it maintains the effectivity of our unit. The parts that need this process, in particular, are the filters and coils.

Aircon Servicing Singapore advises checking the filter at least once a month. A dirty filter interrupts the constant airflow of the unit, which makes it work harder. When that happens, it uses more energy. In short, our electric bill increases when our filter is not maintained!

Go Switch Australia notes that dust accumulation in the aircon reduces the airflow by 1% per week. Imagine how your unit will be if it remains dirty in months! In that case, it is best to clean your filter even once a month.

A dirty filter affects more than what you know inside.

It is a must that there should be a regular maintenance check for the filter and coils. We should know if they need replacing, like filters at least every few months. But if it is not achievable, then cleaning it, for now, will do. Changing the aircon filter to a new and clean one lessens energy consumption by 5 to 15%, the Department of Energy says. Isn't that great news?

They also tipped that the filters need more attention when our aircon is in constant use. Dirty surroundings and furry pets also affect the need for filter maintenance.

As for the coils, its cleaning is in relation to the filter. A clean filter helps the evaporator coil from getting dirty. Once dirt accumulates on the coils, it reduces the aircon's airflow and ability to absorb heat. To avoid this from happening, check the condition of the coils and clean it if necessary.

It would also be great if you check the coil fins as they can get bent. If they are, it will compromise the unit's airflow. Have a fin comb handy to return it to its original state.

A quarterly air conditioner cleaning goes a long way!

If not air conditioner cleaning, get a regular maintenance check. An aircon technician will tell us if our unit is still in good condition and does not use more energy than usual. Comfort Experts notes that skipping this will add to our electric bill in the long run.

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