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Teko | Aircon Installation Tips You Need To Know First

Teko | Aircon Installation Tips You Need To Know First

Before you get aircon installation this summer, take these into consideration.

‘Tis the season to stay cool as summer is definitely here! There are many options for us to feel refreshed for the upcoming warm months. Most of us prefer to swim in a pool or at the beach.  Some enjoy the cold air that comes from the air conditioner at the mall or at home. An air conditioner is a must-have this season and we allow you to indulge yourself with a unit! But before you splurge and have aircon installation, we have some tips you should read first. These are applicable to anyone who is about to buy an air conditioner, whether it is your first time or not. Check out our four major tips first before you have that aircon installation!


What we mean by size is the room that you are going to install the air conditioner in. Your unit should be efficient that it cools the whole room in proper proportions. Get an air conditioner that is appropriate for your room size, Daikin Australia says.

This, in turn, will help with the other factors in our list. No need to rush on that aircon installation yet in this tip!

Cooling capacity

In relation to the first item, this will determine the unit’s true function of cooling the whole room. You can measure the air conditioner’s ability to do so through the British Thermal Unit (BTU). To get the BTUs you will need for a certain room, multiply the square foot of a room by 35. All Seasons Climate Controls says that each square foot of a room needs around 20 BTUs.

RenoNation notes that there are variables to take into consideration with the formula.  Some examples are:

  • the sunlight that the room receives (Is it a room that gets a lot of sun or not?) and
  • the number of people the room can accommodate (Is it a room that is meant for plenty of people or not?).

You can find a chart that states the capacity needed for a particular square foot. Once you find the one that suits your needs, the process has now become a step easier. Can you feel that aircon installation coming?

Energy efficiency

Check if the unit if it has an Energy Star rating or an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) number, Sylvane notes. The former is a sure sign that the unit uses less energy than other models. The latter is a measurement that tells us how many BTUs the air conditioner uses for each watt of power. In simpler terms: the higher the EER, the more efficient your unit is.

Do not forget to look at the unit’s specifications to make sure that your aircon installation goes well.

Electrical requirements

If you have noticed, getting an air conditioner is a crucial process. It has to suit everything, from the size of the room and now to your existing electrical system. For example, window air conditioners operate on varied volt circuits (115-, 125-, or 220-).

Check if the electrical system in your home matches with your unit’s volt circuit. If it does not, you may need special electrical wiring. Hiring help to do so would not hurt either.

Now that we have run down our list, have you thought of your ideal air conditioner unit? Is it something that you want to place in a room that serves both as your living room and dining room? Or is it something that you want to install in your bedroom alone?

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