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Teko | Aircon Repair Is What You Need When It’s Not Blowing Cool Air Anymore.

Teko | Aircon Repair Is What You Need When It’s Not Blowing Cool Air Anymore.

We are approaching the last month of the year yet it is still warm outside. That means we get to crank our air conditioning units to the highest level! But what if the air that comes out of it does not feel cold? Should you worry that it’s broken? Don’t fret – aircon repair is the best solution for that!

Despite that easy solution, we want you to know the causes of this common dilemma. It would great to know what might be the root of this problem before heading to a professional. Here are the top five reasons why your aircon is not blowing cool air:

  • Thermostat is not in the right setting – This is something that does not need professional help. What you will do is check if your air conditioner thermostat is set to either ON or AUTO. If it is set to ON, that means the unit is running regardless of what temperature it is set to. It will seem that the air conditioner is not working because it continues to run without cooling the room. If it is set to AUTO, good job – that means you are saving more money and energy! AUTO means that the fan or blower of the unit turns off if it reaches the desired temperature.
  • Filter is dirty – When this part is filthy, then you know something’s up with your unit. Dirt blocks the airflow of the filter, which results to not-so-cool air coming out of the unit. Make it a habit to clean or replace the filter on a regular basis to ensure good air quality. If you do not have the time to do this, aircon repair services cover this action for you.

Energy Air notes a connection between these first two items. The right thermostat setting means a longer-lasting filter in the future. Why so? If the filter remains unclean, it will prevent air from flowing back into the unit. When that happens, it will slow down the air conditioner’s capability to cool in a proper way.

  • Refrigerant leak – This is an important component of an air conditioner. If your unit lacks this because of a leak, then the air will not feel as cold. The refrigerant’s starring role is during the cooling process, wherein it compresses. Once it does and drops to a low temperature, it enters the evaporator coils. Heat transfer happens as the coils cool and warm air passes over it.

Husky Air identifies situations of a refrigerant leak:

  • There is a hissing noise when the unit is on.
  • There is an icy buildup on the air conditioner.
  • The unit might blow cold air, but it takes some time to do so. This makes the unit run longer than usual because of this.

Air Experts New Jersey adds that a refrigerant leak cannot cool a place on hot days. Weird enough, it cools at night or on chillier days.

This problem is best suited to a professional since this liquid/gas is dangerous to handle. Aircon repair is the best solution to this problem.

  • Air duct leak – The ducts are another essential part in the delivery of air to our homes. If they are not sealed in the proper fashion or loose insulation, air will leak. To sum it up, leaked air means longer time for a room to cool. Call in a professional for aircon repair – they will check the status of your ducts and help you fix this problem.

  • Circuit breaker trips – Overusing our units may lead to this concern. Our air conditioners connect to two circuit breakers: one for the inside and one for the outside. The cause of no cool air is when the outside circuit breaker crashes. Another cause of a circuit breaker tripping is lack of maintenance.

It is best to call a professional for aircon repair on this part to be safe. Resetting a circuit breaker might make or break (pun intended) the unit’s effectiveness.

In short, aircon repair is a must if your unit is not blowing cool air.

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Your air conditioner will be in top shape with aircon repair. No more warm air coming out of your unit – enjoy cool air all the time!