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Teko | Top 5 Aircon Problems and Aircon Service Solutions

Teko | Top 5 Aircon Problems and Aircon Service Solutions

Availing regular aircon service maintenance inside your home or business can prevent problems.

Aircon service is a pretty important thing to consider. You are after all looking at a machine that has millions of components. Hence, these have to work well to create the best possible performance.


Do regular aircon service for your machines to get consistent efficiency. Here are top 5 Aircon problems that owners usually face:

Faulty wiring

Wired, done, and mismatched wires are a fire hazard. An aircon technician would be able to perform the right wiring process. This will keep your machine working and your property safe from a conflagration. So, regular aircon service would help prevent faulty wiring and accidents from happening.

Low refrigerant levels

Our aircon units need enough level of refrigerants to function. So take regular aircon service checkups and know when your refrigerant levels are becoming low. Stable refrigerant levels ensure that you enjoy the best performance for your unit. Make sure your unit receives regular aircon service. Because this would ensure that your unit will work longer and more efficient.

Outside fans are not working

Outside fans drive hot air away from your room. These things also falter from time to time. And when they falter, you feel hot instead of comfortable. Regular aircon service would recognize when these components would break down. The technicians would identify the breakage and wear in the components. In addition, they would recommend the best possible action for your unit.

Outside unit is not functioning

Faulty thermostat settings and lack of power also cause outside unit malfunctions. You can prevent it from happening with regular aircon service. This would ensure your unit would be working and up to the code. As a result, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of headaches this way.

Frozen coils

Frozen coils are symptoms of a larger problem with your AC unit. This issue is something that would have to be immediately addressed. Obstruction of air filters is one cause of the problem. Faulty return air ductwork is another cause. These issues overburden the coils and cause problems. Which could also be a symptom that your refrigerant level might be becoming too low. Regular aircon service would prevent the hassle of experiencing this occurrence. You would be saving much more than your money. Also, your comfort and sanity. Of course, you can do your own aircon cleaning yourself but it's better to leave it to the professionals.


Aircon cleaning might sound simple; repair service might sound expensive. Aircon service is actually quite affordable and easy on the budget. Regular visits by your aircon technician save you the hassle of decreased performance. Most of all, it saves you the unnecessary headaches.


Book a quality, dependable, and background-checked aircon technicians. 


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