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Teko | Aircon Size Really Matter, Here's Why It Does

Teko | Aircon Size Really Matter, Here's Why It Does

Do you know that the size of your aircon affects your electricity bill?

Yes, our aircon is not exempt from that adage. That is why we are going to explain why its size has an impact on our electricity bill. There has been a discussion on aircon size in our previous articles, but we are going to add more to that. Read on to also know how to choose the right unit for your needs.
As discussed in the past, it is a must to get an aircon based on the room size. Why so? The size has something to do with its cooling capacity. That determines if the unit does its function of cooling the whole room. Choosing a unit too big results to brief cooling or heating cycles that use up more energy, 21 Celsius says. They also noted that choosing a unit too small leads to overusing to cool or warm the area.
It is also necessary to know about the British Thermal Unit (BTU). This is the measure of an aircon’s cooling capacity. As a guide, multiply the square foot of a room by 35 to get an idea of what unit you should get. There is also another rule to take note of: each square foot of a room needs around 20 BTUs. To sum it up, the larger the size of the room, the higher the BTU should be.

Here are some concrete examples that Singapore Home and Décor has shared:

• Smaller rooms (150 square feet and below) such as a single bedroom needs around 6,000 BTUs.
• Larger rooms (> 150 square feet but not exceeding 350 square feet) like a living room need around 9,000 BTUs.
• Large rooms (500 square feet and above) should have 10,000 to 15,000 BTUs.

They also added that having an aircon too big may also affect the room’s surroundings. The walls might feel wet and can damage the wallpaper if you have one. There is also a possibility of wooden floors becoming distorted. Aside from using more energy, too small will also wear out faster.
Another thing to keep in mind is the function of taking away the heat and humidity from the air. Techlicious says that size is crucial as a unit too big will only remove some of the humidity.
Take note that getting an aircon with a higher BTU will be more expensive, so choose your unit well.
The last thing you should take into consideration is the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). It is another measurement that tells how many BTUs an aircon uses for each watt of power. The EER is also known as the Energy Star Rating, which can reach up to 10 stars. In short, the higher the EER, the more efficient the unit. It can also mean that the aircon is more ecological than others.
Check out Techlicious' Aircon Cooling Needs Calculator to help you with your computation. After knowing the right size of your unit based on the given factors, check out the EER next. And there you have it - the perfect unit for your room's needs!
That does not mean your new and ideal aircon is enough for you to save on your electric bill though. Proper planning and installation help as well, which an aircon technician can do for you.
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