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Teko | Do You Need an Aircon Technician This Rainy Season?

Teko | Do You Need an Aircon Technician This Rainy Season?

Is it a must to have an aircon technician on call during this particular season or no?

June is definitely the start of the rainy season here in the Philippines. With that in mind, we have to be more careful with our belongings. An example is with our appliances, especially the air conditioner. Will the wet season make our unit more prone to damage? After all, items like these are investments that we want to work for a long period of time. The follow-up question to that is: Do we need an aircon technician to help us manage it? Or are we capable of doing so by ourselves? The answer to that is both yes and no. Bottom line is, we need an aircon technician year-round.

Before we get into that, let us know first if the rain actually damages our air conditioners. McWilliam and Son say it does not in normal conditions. What that means is the weather is not dangerous to any living being. Some units (e.g. central, split-type) have compressors that exhaust heat from our homes. They are part of the air conditioner’s outdoor unit, along with a large fan and a condensing coil. Roberts Heating notes that compressors are durable enough to combat any weather situation.

If you have any doubts about using your air conditioner this rainy season, you should not be. It is actually safe and helps in dehumidify your home. It is during summer rains that the humidity in our homes is at its highest, so feel free to turn your unit on.

If that is the case, then where does having an aircon technician come in? Call them in your unit gets wrecked due to extreme weather conditions. A common problem in the country is flooding. It can ruin the electronics inside the compressor. Before a flood takes place, turn off the compressor at its thermostat. McWilliam and Son added that shutting down the unit’s circuit breaker helps too.

The same advice applies during a lightning storm. A power surge is likely to follow, which ruins the compressor. For added protection, experts suggest covering the unit with a breathable material. Plastic or a moisture-trapping tarpaulin is not recommended. Roberts Heating tells us to do this instead: use plywood on top of the unit and weigh it down with some rocks or bricks.

Prevention helps, but that does not mean you will have a pristine air conditioner forever. This is where the aircon technician will have his moment. He will give you the following aircon services: aircon cleaning and aircon repair. Ask for his help in inspecting the condenser coil for oil leaks or corrosion due to the rainy weather. He is also the best person to ask if you can turn on the unit after drying the soaked compressor.

To top it all off, his aircon cleaning service will make you feel that you have a brand new air conditioner. Like we said earlier, an aircon technician is crucial at any time of the year. He is not limited to working only during the hot summer months, but also in the cold rainy season. After all, people use air conditioners year-round. Be that as it may, they cannot tell when their unit will malfunction. An aircon technician should be on your important contacts, whatever the weather.

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