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Teko | Avoid Seasonal Allergy With AC Cleaning

Teko | Avoid Seasonal Allergy With AC Cleaning

Enjoy the summer season without seasonal allergy, thanks to AC cleaning

Summer is fast approaching and so is our frequent use of air conditioners. The heat can be unbearable during this season that electric fans are not enough to keep us cool. Air conditioners have made it easier for us to stay refreshed but not for long. After all, they can also be the cause of seasonal allergy. That is not the only sickness that they can cause, but we will tackle that in a future article. To avoid seasonal allergy from happening, it is a must to have AC cleaning. But before you call an aircon service and repair professional, read this first. Know why your air conditioner might give you seasonal allergy with our brief article.

MSD Manual gives the simplest definition of seasonal allergy.  It is the result of exposure to airborne substances that appear at certain times of the year. Pollen is the most popular example of this airborne substance. It is during the warmer months that most flowers grow and they are the main source of pollen. Because of that, seasonal allergy is also known as hay fever.

Another name for seasonal allergy is allergic rhinitis. Does that sound more relatable? If yes, then everyone must have experienced at one point in our life.

You know the symptoms: itchy skin, runny nose, and watery or bloodshot eyes.

That does not mean that seasonal allergy, or whatever you want to call it, has pollen alone to blame. This is where air conditioners come in. New York Times notes that these machines can trap dust, mold, and dander in their filters. Then, they get released into the air once the unit is on.

Imagine breathing in that kind of air on a daily basis. No wonder you keep on sneezing or blowing on your nose inside the office or even at home!

That is why AC cleaning is crucial.

It will help our air conditioners to continue making our lives more comfortable.

Third Generation HVAC shares that air conditioners can be great in preventing allergies. They have filters, which keep out allergens. But over time, this part gets dirty from continued use. If it is not cleaned or replaced from time to time, then it loses its great purpose.

Like mentioned in previous air conditioner articles, cleaning the filter is easy. It is something that you can do when you have spare time. You also do not need to buy any fancy materials to do this. The things that you need to clean the filter are in the comfort of your own home. If you do not have the time to do this, we encourage you to hire an aircon service and repair professional. 

This tip applies to most, if not all, air conditioner models. If you have a centralized air conditioning system, do not forget to look at the ducts. These tubes that go around your home or building are prone to mold, dust, and mildew. Arista Air notes that having dirty ducts can affect two things. Those are the air quality and the efficiency of the air conditioner system. Do not skip on AC cleaning for this critical component of your air conditioning system.

If cleaning the ductwork is too much to handle, do not hesitate to get help. If we are being honest, air conditioning cleaning can be quite difficult. It is more so when you are doing it alone.

Find a background-checked, certified, and trusted technician, right at your doorstep. Book a tech on Teko.ph and get excellent aircon service and repair!

Seasonal allergy will be the least of your worries. Teko’s technicians will take care of your air conditioning cleaning. Breathe in good and clean air with their services!