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Teko | Torn Between Front or Top-Load Washing Machine

Teko | Torn Between Front or Top-Load Washing Machine

You are searching for a new washer and trying to decide on what to purchase. One of the questions that would most likely cross your mind is, “A front-load or a top-load washing machine?”

Deciding on which one to purchase is a matter of knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type. It would be a huge help to consider which one will work best for you as the two kinds of washers have their advantages and disadvantages. Are you contemplating which is better to use? Which would be better a front-load or a top-load washing machine? We have compiled a list of wins and hotspots of the two types of washers for your benefit.

The Wins in Using a Top-Load Washing Machine

  • User-Friendliness

Using new appliances can be quite of a challenge, especially if the features are too technical. One might feel like a sailor being thrown into the ocean without navigation skills. This is not the case for your top-load washer. Most, if not all, are familiar with how to use them. The top-load washer is what most people got acquainted with as they were growing up and old.

  • Ability to Add Clothing During Mid-Cycle

You have started washing your clothes on your top-load washer and realized that there are pieces of clothing left in your hamper. Just open your washer and drop the leftover clothing and resume the cycle. On front-loaders, the door of the washer can’t be opened once the washing cycle has started.

  • Cost of Appliance

Generally, the top-loader washers are more affordable than their front-load counterparts. You can get a basic washer for as low as Php 4,000.00 and the price goes up as the features become more elaborate.

  • Use of Detergent

Top-load washers can clean clothes using any kind of detergent. On one hand, front-loads require special detergents.

The Hotspot of Using a Top-Load Washing Machine

  • Electricity Costs

Top-load washers use an estimate of 7,000 or more gallons of water a year compared to front-load washers. This is due to the basket that fills with water. As a result, you end up using more water and more energy to operate your washer.


The Wins of Using Front-Load Washing Machine

  • Electricity Costs

Front-load washers, unlike the top-load washers, use less water per load. They also consume half of the energy consumed by their top-load counterparts. This makes the front-load washers more economical and environment-friendly to use.

  • Efficiency

The speed of a front-load washer’s spinner is much faster compared to top-loads. As a result, the clothes come out drier which eventually contributes to lesser time spent on drying. You save time and money with the quick turnaround time of the front-load washer.

  • Spaciousness of the washer

Front-load washers do not carry agitators like top-load washers. These agitators take up space in the washer, hence giving more room for larger loads of clothing. Having more room in the washer means less number of loads, which leads us back to the efficiency benefit.

  • Technologically-Advanced Features

There are front-load washers that have sophisticated features that can suit various clothing options we have. There are steam cycles for removal of heavy stains. There are also features that allow you to start and monitor the laundry remotely. This gives you the liberty to manage your own time while getting another chore done.

The Hotspots of Using a Front-Load Washing Machine

  • Trapped Smell in the Washer

Users have reported unpleasant smell after several uses of a front-load washer. This is due to the trapped water in the seals around the door, which leads to the formation of molds. This is something that can be addressed through cleaning. However, if you are considering to buy one, you should be aware of this to address any future funky-smelling issues.


  • Cost of Appliance

You might notice the energy-savings on your electricity bills. The cost of the appliance itself, however, might leave a hole in your pocket for quite some time.


  • Use of Detergent

Front-load washers require a specially-formulated detergent. Using a regular detergent might cause damage to your washer, which might cause unnecessary washing machine home service repair.

Are you still having a hard time which of the two types of washers to get? Evaluate your washing needs and review the list we have prepared for you. More or less you will have an idea which of the two to purchase. Once decided, you can book a trusted and certified technician for your washing machine installation needs. Visit http://teko.ph for more information on our services.