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Teko | How To Get Lazada Aircon Installation?

Teko | How To Get Lazada Aircon Installation?

Is there such a thing called Lazada Aircon Installation? Read on to find out!

Most Filipinos, if not all, have shopped at Lazada at one point or another. After all, it has become a one-stop shop for everyone. Name it; they got it – clothing, shoes, makeup, gadgets, appliances and more! Although it is uncommon for Filipinos to buy appliances online, they can do so with the site’s wide range. If one decides to buy an aircon in Lazada, does that come with Lazada Aircon Installation? It is a question that buyers ask after they buy a Lazada Aircon. It will make their lives easier if they can have someone install their new unit. So, is there such a thing called Lazada Aircon Installation?

Not exactly, but hear us out.

Lazada might have it all, but they don’t offer that kind of service yet. The site can help one in many ways, such as choosing the perfect air conditioner for your home. Check out the Lazada Home Appliances page and click on the Cooling & Heating category.  Choose Air Conditioners and it will lead to a page filled with various units. It can get overwhelming to pick from the list, but the left panel on the page will help one filter their selection.

The first list on the panel tackles the brand. Choose from brands such as Carrier, Hitachi, LG, Daikin, and Fujidenzo among others. The second one only offers two choices since one will choose what kind of service they want. They can pick cash on delivery or fulfilled by Lazada. What does the latter mean? Lazada processes, packs, and ships the item to their logistic partners. It also means that the product is already in their warehouse.

The third option has one location on it, which is NCR. The fourth one is the price, which one will fill in with the smallest to the largest amount he or she can afford. It is a must to consider one’s budget before purchasing a big-ticket item like an air conditioner.

The fifth item is the rating, which ranges from one star to five stars. It is best that one checks out the units with four- to five-star rating, but it is not bad to see the ones with a lower rating. It will help in choosing the ideal air conditioner by avoiding those low-quality models.

The sixth and seventh entries relate to warranty. The former is about the warranty type. One can choose from a unit with no warranty to Lazada refund warranty only. The latter covers the warranty period, which ranges from 7 days up to 10 years.

The next six items on the panel focus more on the air conditioner unit than the site’s services. One can choose the color of their model, which comes in non-colors and bright colors like pink, blue, and green.

The most important part is the type of unit. Should one get a window type inverter aircon or a split type aircon? The answer to this question is another nifty feature on the page, which we will discuss in a bit.

There is also a section on air conditioner features. One can choose if he or she wants a timer, inverter, silent mode, sensor control, and more in his or her ideal unit.

If there is a need for an inverter, one can only tick on Yes or No. There is also a Dangerous Goods option, where one can choose between Flammable or Liquid. The last thing one can choose is a unit based on the room size. Pick from units that are less than 30 square meters up to 90.  One can also click on Unknown if he or she is not sure of the exact measurement.

In relation to the type of unit, the bottom of the page gives one a primer about air conditioners. It tackles what we have discussed on our site, such as choosing the ideal air conditioner for the home. If one wants to get a window or a wall type air conditioner, Lazada lists down their features and advantages. They also list down the air conditioner accessories one can buy from the site.

Aren’t these features are a tremendous help to a buyer? If you’re done shopping for an aircon in Lazada, head on to Teko.ph for your aircon installation needs.

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