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Teko | Home Appliance Repair Service Or Appliance Replacement?

Teko | Home Appliance Repair Service Or Appliance Replacement?

The use of home appliances has been an integral part of our day-to-day existence. When do we know if it is time to replace or book a home appliance repair service?

Their invention has brought efficiency in the way we do our household chores. Frequent usage of these appliances can either wore or break them. Booking a home appliance repair service immediately might do the trick. Your technician can also advise you if it's time to replace the appliance.

Booking a home appliance repair service or spend for a new appliance becomes a dilemma. Buying a new appliance in replacement of a broken one can be an option if money is not an issue. However, if appliance breaks before their time and money are tight, the most practical option is to have it repaired.

Before calling the repair guy or running to your nearest appliance store, make sure to:

  • Check plugged appliance
  • Inspect if the circuit breaker needs resetting
  • Declog vents and filters from lint and dust
  • Lay the wiring of the appliance evenly on the floor

Take these steps and see if your appliance works. If it doesn't, it is time to consider repairing or replacing your appliance.


When you buy an appliance, there is should be a user manual and a warranty. Most warranties cover the repair and replacement of parts for a year or more. Schedule a service call to claim.

Life Span

No matter how durable an appliance is, your appliance will depreciate. The older your appliances get, the more practical it is to replace it. Repairing dilapidated appliances is unpractical. You will most likely spend more on the repairs and eventually buy a brand new one.

To give you an idea when to have an appliance repair, you may want to research on its average lifespan. On an average, most commonly used appliances last for 10 years.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Sometimes, the cost of repair of an appliance is more than half of the actual cost of brand new equipment. In this case, you should consider replacing the appliance rather than having it repaired.

Take into consideration the opportunity cost of a repair or replacement. Before spending for a replacement, consider these things prior purchase:

  • Dimensions of the item
  • Existence of wiring, lines, or circuits for installation
  • Household logistics

When considering home appliance repair service or total replacement, it is vital that you know these pieces of information to utilize the most out of your items and make sure that you are choosing the most-economical and cost-efficient option.

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