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Teko | A Guide for Lazada Washing Machine Installation

Teko | A Guide for Lazada Washing Machine Installation

Lazada Washing Machine Installation 101: All the basics you need to know.

Online shopping for a washing machine? That’s convenient! But, how to install it yourself?  Don't worry, there is a solution for that problem. Ever heard of Lazada Washing Machine Installation?

With the rising affordability of internet and gadgets, more Filipinos are now leaning into online shopping. Lazada for one is known to offer a wide selection of products. From clothing, cosmetics, gadgets, and appliances, Lazada makes it easier than ever to shop from home. But, what are the chances of a smooth process of buying a washing machine online? What’s the next step when the package is on your doorstep? Assuming you are not a technician, that’s a big problem.

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly a Lazada Washing Machine Installation. But, Lazada is the perfect place to buy appliances over the internet. The site is easy to access and navigate. You can quickly type the word, Washing Machine in the site’s search bar and you can easily browse various washing machines and have your pick.

Lazada features washing machine from renowned companies like LG, Samsung, Panasonic and many more. And no worries, the site is up-to-date with the latest technology and offers modern automatic washing machines.

And,  if you already decided to buy a washing machine, the question remains. How are you going to install it? Will you take the chance to do it yourself? Remember, washing machine doesn’t really come in small sizes. What if you are alone and the delivery man just drop it off in your doorstep?  Or if you are lucky, they’ll help you to place it inside your home. Yet, your washing machine is still not ready to do its work.

A normal household does not really know how to install a washing machine. And that’s a problem. Maybe you are thinking, what if I just search this over the Internet and watch some video tutorials about it? Not exactly a  bad idea, but how-to articles will not solve your problem.

For example, do you know that choosing a  right spot for an automatic washing machine is important? Since this washing machine takes water supply and releases wastewater automatically, you should prepare where to put it in your home.  There’s more. Your washer should also have access to drain pipe and a power outlet. Now, do you think you can do that?

But, that doesn't stop there! There are also issues about attaching drain pipes and water supply hoses.  And if you attach these pipes loosely? You can expect leakage and your washer can also suffer damages from it, too.

So what to do?

Having a new washing machine should not be too hard. No need to manually connect water supply hoses yourself! If you are facing this installation problem,  a  vetted and certified technician is what you need.  Have an in-home appliance service in just a few clicks! Go to teko.ph, book a tech now and experience how Teko redefines appliance service.

Find a background-checked, certified, and trusted technician, right at your doorstep. With teko.ph, washing machine installation will be the least of your worries.