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Teko | Learn Washing Machine Dryer Repair With These Tips

Teko | Learn Washing Machine Dryer Repair With These Tips

Know of washing machine dryer repair from common washing machine dryer problems.

Your washing machine is not the only laundry appliance that needs maintenance. Its accompanying piece, the dryer, also deserves the same treatment. Last week was all about washing machine repair from common washing machine problems. This time, we focus on washing machine dryer repair.

We need to know our errors in using these appliances so we can correct them. If we continue our bad practices on using them, they might not perform well in the long run. It is a must that we know of washing machine dryer repair to maintain its good performance.

Here are top five ways we are damaging our washing machine dryers:          

Overloading clothes in the dryer

Contrary to popular belief, overloading the dryer with clothes will not make them dry. Instead, the clothes will still be damp and wrinkled. Compact Appliance notes that overloading causes some parts of the machine to overwork. Some of the parts that might get affected by this bad practice are the drum, motor, and sensor.

The washing machine dryer repair tip that we recommend is to check the manual for the dryer’s capacity. Take it one load at a time!

The dryer is not on level ground.

When the dryer is not even ground, it can cause more damage than you think. Not only can it affect your walls and floors, it can also damage its mechanisms.

Apartment Therapy advises using a leveling tool to check if the dryer is even on the floor. You can also check if it is the machine’s feet that cause its unevenness on the floor.

The dryer’s lint trap is not cleaned.

It is necessary to clean the lint trap after every single load. If this part remains unclean, it can lead to a house fire. A lint trap filled with dirt clogs the vent and ducts as well as reduces airflow in the machine.

The washing machine dryer repair tip that we recommend is to clean it as instructed. You can try to do so before you turn the dryer on.

The usage of dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are fabric conditioners in a convenient sheet form. One of their known purposes is to reduce static on clothing. They might not be popular in the country yet, but it is better to know what damage they can cause.

Using too many sheets can leave a residue in the dryer and clog the machine. It can also affect the sensors. It is a good thing that there are many washing machine dryer repair tips we can give. They are the following:

  • Use the recommended amount of sheets,
  • Switch to a safer alternative like dryer balls, and
  • Clean the sensors and other inner mechanisms.

Overcrowding the dryer

Overcrowded can mean two things. First, the dryer is in a small space. Second, it has other appliances besides it. It is best that the dryer should have some space on both its sides. Like other appliances, it produces heat for it to work. Plugging the dryer single wall outlet and not to an extension cord is also a must.

Failure to do so can cause a house fire in the future. You would not want that to happen, right?

There are other washing machine dryer problems that you might encounter. A quick search on the Internet will help you with that.

If the problem is unsolvable by your own hands, then it is best to contact a clothes dryer repair service.

There are plenty of local washing machine repair services right now. You should find a background-checked, certified, and trusted technician. Book a tech on Teko.ph and get excellent clothes dryer repair service right at your doorstep!

Washing machine dryer repair will be the least of your worries with Teko.ph!