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Teko | Learn Washing Machine Repair With These Symptoms

Teko | Learn Washing Machine Repair With These Symptoms

Hit two birds with one stone! Learn washing machine repair from common washing machine problems.

Home appliances are next to the most abused gadgets man has ever used. Some examples are air conditioners or washing machines. Like our smartphones, these gadgets get regular use to the point that they give up on us so soon. But before we buy another one, we should check first if we can fix the problem with our hands. This makes air conditioner or washing machine repair easier for us.

This article is going to focus on washing machines. This will also list the top five common problems that anyone can remedy.

The washing machine does not turn on or does nothing when turned on.

The first thing you should check first is if the washing machine is getting power. A.P. Wagner Appliance Parts recommends checking these four parts. They are the circuit breaker, lid switch, fuse box, and outlet.

If they are not the cause of the problem, check the motor or the timer knob next. The former has a tendency to overheat and needs time to cool before anyone can use the machine again. The latter is due to its misalignment with the control panel graphics. The washing machine repair one can do is to set the timer in advance and attempt to start the device again.

The washing machine does not drain in a correct way.

The parts affected by this problem are the drain hose and the drain pump. Think Tank Home advises to check the drain hose for clogs. See if lint filters got stuck inside and use a garden hose to clean it.

The washing machine repair tip for a jammed drain pump is to drain the tub and inspect the hoses and pump inlets. There is also nothing wrong with removing the pump for further examination.

The washing machine does not spin and/or agitate.

This has something to do with the load inside the machine. UK White Goods notes that too little or too plenty of laundries is either cause of this problem. Balance is key for the machine to work.

Other possible causes are the lid switch and the drain pump. Check if the lid switch is functioning in the correct manner. Examine also if there is something stuck in the drain pump.

The washing machine does not finish its cycle.

A defective timer is the cause of this problem. The washing machine repair you can do is to take out the control panel first. Then, scan the timer contacts for signs of corrosion or scorching.

If the contacts show these signs of damage, it is advisable to buy a new timer.

The washing machine is noisy.

The reason behind the gurgling, clicking or buzzing sounds that you hear is from of a stuck item. Check if something clogged the hose, drain, or pump and remove it as soon as possible.

Faulty bearings are also another reason for a noisy washing machine.

These common washing machine problems do not end with these problems and fixes. There are plenty of probable causes and solutions you can find on the Internet.

If the problem is unsolvable by these simple fixes, then it is best to get a washing machine home service repair.

Leave it to a professional to assess the problem of your washing machine. Don’t stress about the parts that you cannot fix as trained people will do that for you.

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