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Teko | The Magic Formula for the Perfect Air Conditioner Installation

Teko | The Magic Formula for the Perfect Air Conditioner Installation

All the things you need to before getting an Air Conditioner installation.

Thinking of getting a new air conditioner? Before you go shopping, you should know first what to consider in choosing the best unit for your place. If you don’t want an ineffective and uneconomical unit, better find out here what to look out for. And for once, you can finally have the best Air Conditioner installation for your home!

1. The room

Size The first thing you should do is to measure your room. You need to do a simple math to get the square footage of your room. Get the length and width of the space and multiply it. Easy, right? You can do this for 15 minutes.

If that’s a little vague, Compact Appliance’s got tips that will make it clearer.

BTUs (British Thermal Units per hour)

All air conditioners have a technical label. BTU serves as the range of capacity of a unit to deliver optimal cooling for an area.

EER- Energy Efficiency Ratio

Maximizing your aircon’s capacity as prices inflate is a practical thing to do. The higher the number, the more cost-effective is the unit. Always aim at aircon that have higher than 5.

Aside from these, there are still tons of thing you should consider. Ceiling height, window location, number of occupants- to say a few. Know more about it here.

2. The Unit

The right unit is vital in getting the perfect formula for air conditioner installation. For starters, you should what type of aircon you will be getting. Two of the most common unit is Window and Split. So, what made these two different?

Window Air Conditioner

Window type is by far the most popular of all units. It’s no surprise as its cheaper than others and at the same time, perform well under decent care. This also doesn’t take up too much window space that is good for personal use.

If you don’t want to undergo a lot of hassle like wall modifications, this is the one for you. No need to drill walls for this. But if you have tough luck installing it yourself, don’t sweat it out. Teko offers quality air conditioner installation service.

Split Air Conditioner

If you want a higher caliber of aircon units, you better opt-in to buy the split type. It is as great as a centralized aircon and your wall and ceiling don’t need to get torn. This unit can cool a large room, making it a good choice if you are putting it in your living room. Split AC doesn’t generate noise and much pleasing to look at.

These are the most common types of aircon, but your choices are not limited here. Due to modern technology, buying air conditioner today is never been more exciting. You can also check out some trends that can help you with choosing.

After deciding on units, you should also consider the AC’s filter location. If you are the one that will do the aircon cleaning, then you should know where its filter. Look for a unit that has an accessible feature so you can take care of it.

But, if aircon cleaning is not your forte, we have aircon technicians that are ready to help you. Teko offers all the services you will need for your aircon. It goes from installation, cleaning, to repair.

There is a lot to keep an eye out in choosing the right aircon unit for your home. Remember to be wise about picking. You don’t want to end up with a unit that is not working on you. We want to help you to learn all available information on appliances so you can make the right decision.

And if you want our holistic commitment to go beyond advice, we are open to help you on a variety of appliance issue. Our certified aircon technicians are well-equipped to do optimal output. You can expect quality service without the hassles of before.


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