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Teko | Trends Your Aircon Installer Should Know

Teko | Trends Your Aircon Installer Should Know

Check out these new innovations in air conditioner technology and be ready to contact an Aircon Installer!

Thanks to technology, we live in a fast-paced world now. We have gadgets that make our lives easier, such as our smartphones and computers. Those gadgets aren’t the only ones that get a regular upgrade. Our air conditioners continuously improve their technology to provide us with better cooling systems. Check out these trends that your aircon installer should know about and tell you

There are four major air conditioner trends we should look out for in 2016 until 2020.

They are:

1) smart thermostats,

2) inverter air conditioners,

3) integrated systems, and

4) air purifying technology.

These trends are already prevalent in the market. Technavio, a global market research company, predicts they will grow in popularity more.

Smart thermostats

Home and establishment owners have caught on with this trend. Smart thermostats can make anyone control the thermostat through their mobile devices.

For this to work, Wi-Fi is crucial. This technology makes it easy for users to track the temperature in different places as well.

This is the future of air conditioning that everyone is on board with. Its current popularity is proof of that.

Inverter air conditioners

Technavio noted that inverter-type air conditioners have less energy usage than other models. It is also easier to install, which means aircon installers will be more in demand.

Don’t you think it’s about time to switch to this type of air conditioner? It switches off once it achieves its desired temperature. It will turn on if the temperature changes – isn’t that nifty?

This trend has become popular with homeowners, particularly in Japan. Technavio sees that Latin American and European countries will follow suit too.

Integrated systems

Modern air conditioners have now integrated other controls in their system. For example, these air conditioners have lighting and room access buttons.

This upgrade makes these machines save more energy. It also makes it easier for users to control everything in one interface.

This trend is popular in commercial establishments. Hotels, schools, hospitals, and retail stores are some who use this new technology. After all, users in these places can track everything in one panel.

Homeowners might pick up on this trend soon if its technology adapts to users’ needs at home.

Air purifying technology

Air purifiers are a trend on their own, but they are going into our air conditioners now.

The purpose of air purifiers is to make the air we breathe clean again.

Combining them with air conditioners is an actually wise decision. How so?

There is no need for users to buy two separate machines to keep them cool and clean the air they are breathing.

This latest technology is something to look forward to. Everyone deserves to breathe in the good air wherever they are.

To end this, these four major trends in air conditioners are energy and cost-efficient.

These new technologies are worth the investment. They make users save more money in the long run with their impressive functions.

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