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Teko | 5 Signs You Are In Need Of Water Heater Repair Right Now

Teko | 5 Signs You Are In Need Of Water Heater Repair Right Now

Bathing in an ideal water temperature improves a lot in your body. So if these problems occur during your bath, don't hesitate and call for a water heater repair!

 Water heaters have been an integral part of our daily lives. When faced with the situation of a broken heater, you'll need to troubleshoot right away. While you can do some easy fixes yourself, there are problems too complicated for some of us. Call for a water heater repair right away when you see signs of these 5 most common water heater problems.


Absence of Hot Water

What is a water heater without a hot water, right? It defeats the purpose of having a water heater when you cannot even use it to heat water. If the water heater is not working at all, make sure to check if the switch is on. If it is out, turn it on.


But, if the switch is on and no hot water is coming out, there might be an issue with the thermocouple. This means that ignition to produce hot water is not working. If this is the case, check if your circuit breaker is not tripped. If you're unsure of what to do, better call for a water heater repair!


Lukewarm Water

Sometimes, it can be frustrating to find out that the water you have heated never became a hot water! The culprit for this problem is the thermostat. There might be instances when the thermostat is not adjusted. If this happens, adjust the thermostat and you should be able to get hot water from your heater.


A damaged dip might be causing your water heater to act up. Meaning the water heater cannot accommodate your huge need for hot water. It will only use at least 70-80% of your hot water tank.


Inconsistent Water Temperature

What causes fluctuating water temperature is a sediment build-up in the water tank. The more the build-up, the more the abrupt temperature change.


Cleaning the tank off of sediment can help solve this. If in the event that there is no sediment, replace your thermostat.


Colored Water

Rusty-looking water is definitely a sign that your water heater’s anode rod is corroding. The anode rod is replaceable, but the problem may arise if the water heater itself is corroding. The lifespan of the water heater might not be too long before a leak develops and needs a new heater.


Leaking Hot Water

This is the most common and loathed water heater problem. This is due to many water heater problems. Broken drain valve, the pressure build-up in the tank, corrosion, rust, to name a few. Because of this, the water heater is already on the verge of breaking.


Seek a technician right away to prevent unnecessary waste of time and money.


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