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4 Qualities of a Good Washing Machine Repair Service

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It’s really frustrating when you get up one morning and your washing machine isn’t working. The worst part is that you’re busy and got a mountain of laundry already. Then, you look for a washing machine repair service but there’s nothing nearby. You also know it’s more of a band-aid solution and it might cost you more. You can search the internet for a “washing machine repair shop near me,” but there are too many options.

Your next bet is to ask your friends and family if they know any technician who can help you. However, it’ll be time-consuming since you’ll have to screen their abilities and character. Fortunately for you, someone else has already done it.

Established in 2017, Teko PH, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, was born out of the co-founder’s necessity. According to sources, he had the same problem—he wasn’t able to find a trained appliance technician quickly enough. Thanks to this ingenious venture, you no longer have to spend so much time searching.

Here are four reasons to book with Teko PH the next time your washing machine or other home appliance breaks down:

1. Convenient platform

We often wish that appliance repair could be booked as quickly as ordering food online. In that regard, Teko is close enough.

Teko is a one-stop service platform that lets you schedule on-site and on-demand appliance professionals in three easy steps. Their user-friendly website will allow you to do this in seconds. Simply head over to their website and book a service. Then, you’ll receive an SMS or email confirmation with a photo of the technician on the way.

2. Trusted technicians

Thanks to their rigorous screening procedure, you’re sure to get services from skilled, brand-certified, and experienced appliance professionals. Teko is incredibly proud of the courteousness and friendliness of its personnel. You may also rest easy with their Php 2 million property protection guarantee.

3. Transparent pricing

Their website shows you exactly how much you need to pay so you can avoid hidden fees. You will just have to pay the final fee once you approve the technician’s quotation upon assessment. In fact, their rates are really competitive, considering the convenience they provide.

4. Proven track record

Teko helped a lot of customers, and it’s evident in its vibrant online community. The reviews about Teko are simply impressive, so you’re sure to get quality services every time.


Dealing with washing machine problems can be frustrating. While many appliance retailers offer warranties and extra services, response times may be longer than expected. That’s why Teko stands out as the go-to option for your repair needs. They guarantee prompt service without comprising quality.