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4 Top Reasons to Use A Floor Mounted Aircon

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Are you considering buying an aircon for your home or office? There are many options to choose from, but one that you might want to consider is a floor mounted aircon. We’re, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, with four top reasons why a floor mounted aircon could be the perfect choice for you:

Easy Installation

Floor mounted air conditioning units are one of the types of aircon that’s easy to install. They do not require any additional ductwork. You can simply mount them on the floor, which makes the installation process quicker and more affordable. However, booking a certified aircon technician can ensure the installation is correct according to the manufacturer’s specifications. You may not have the tools and equipment, so it’s always best to seek a professional’s help.

The air conditioner can be installed 6 inches above the floor and linked to the exterior unit via a small hole in the wall. The convenient placement allows for easy air filter maintenance.

Versatile Placement

Floor mounted air conditioners are ideal in various settings, from residential homes to commercial buildings. This makes them an excellent option for rooms with limited wall space or where a wall-mounted aircon is not suitable. It’s the ideal cooling solution in spaces where aircon systems may not be practical or feasible, such as older homes with limited ductwork or historic buildings with strict preservation guidelines.

This type can easily be relocated if necessary, making them a convenient choice for those who may move frequently or want to switch up the layout of their room.

Efficient Cooling

Generally, floor mounted aircons are an optimal option to cool larger spaces than wall-mounted or window-type air conditioners. This type typically has higher cooling capacity, airflow, and air distribution, making them suitable for use in large rooms or open spaces. If you’re looking to cool a living room or conference rooms, you can consider buying a floor mounted aircon.

Still, you must remember that a floor mounted aircon’s cooling efficiency may depend on room size, insulation, ambient temperature, and humidity levels. To guide you, here’s What to Consider When Buying an Aircon.

Sleek Design

Although it is not a top priority in buying an aircon, this may be essential if you’re looking for an AC for your business or commercial space. Floor mounted aircons have sleek, modern designs that can complement any interior decor. They are available in various sizes and colors, allowing you to choose the right unit to suit your needs and preferences.

Some units even come with customizable panels or covers! This makes them a popular choice for retail spaces or food establishments that prioritize the aesthetics of their environment.


Floor mounted aircon units are easy to install, versatile, efficient, and usually come in sleek designs. They’re ideal for large rooms or spaces with limited wall space, and you can also relocate them easily if needed. Always book a certified and trained aircon technician, whether you need to install or move it to another location. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of using a floor mounted aircon without compromising safety and quality.