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5 Signs You Need to Install A TV Wall Mount

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We think you already know this: a TV wall mount is a space-saver. But you might not be convinced yet to have one. That’s why we’re here, Teko.ph, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, with five signs that say you need a TV wall mount now.

Use a TV Wall Mount When You See These 5 Signs

Your TV is an investment, so make sure to protect it by using a TV wall mount. When you see these signs, it’s time to call a technician to help you install one.

Sign #1: Your TV gets bumped often.

Is your TV in an area where you walk by? Then it’s definitely not safe since it can get knocked over anytime! Use a TV wall mount to secure and prevent it from being damaged.

Sign #2: The TV cables annoy you.

Even if the cables just stay in one place, admit it: They annoy you. They’re unsightly and can be distracting at times. When you use a TV wall mount, you can easily hide them behind the unit.

Depending on the brand or type, it may also come with a cable management box. You can organize the wires in just one place for a cleaner setup.

Sign #3: You need more space.

Did you recently buy new home appliances? If you have a 40-inch smart TV, or maybe something bigger, you can free up space by installing a TV wall mount. 

This is also a good choice if you’re creating a home theater or entertainment setup. A wall-mounted TV can give you that immersive experience.

Sign #4: You strain your neck when watching.

Do you find yourself adjusting your position or straining your neck while watching? Then it’s time to use a TV wall mount.

This allows you to adjust the height of the TV. If you choose to buy a TV mount with a swivel, you can even choose your viewing angles. You won’t need to switch seats and just watch from different parts of the house or room.

Sign #5: You have children or pets.

Do you have a pet, or do you live with kids who move around? For everyone’s safety, install a TV wall mount. Placing the TV out of reach can reduce the risk of accidents or damage to the TV.

TV Wall Mount Installation

Your main goal is to protect your TV and the people in your home when you mount your TV. And the first step to do this is to ensure it’s installed properly and securely!

Just visit our website to book our technicians anytime online! Teko’s certified technicians can mount any flat screen TV brand and size using a fixed, single-arm, or double-arm bracket.