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6 Easy Home Office Upgrades To Try Today

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Are you one of the many professionals who have been given the chance to work at home? You must have already created a space for your home office. But, is it comfortable? Does the space make you productive? Maybe it’s time to reorganize! We’re Teko.ph, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, and we’re here to give some home office setup tips for you:

Home office tip #1: Take advantage of natural light.

Natural light can easily set your mood and affect productivity. It provides more energy and restfulness while helping to decrease stress. Best of all, it’s free! Try to place your desk near a window for better exposure. Just remember to have adequate overhead lighting to avoid eye strain.

But if your room has no access to natural light at work or home, just take a break and go outside.

Home office tip #2: Clean up.

An organized workspace is essential for an efficient work environment. When you get distracted by clutter, you may waste time and energy. Keep a bin nearby so that it’s easy for you to throw unnecessary items on your desk right away. And although very tempting, try not to eat at your desk!

Home office tip #3: Use an ergonomic chair and desk.

When you’re comfortable, you can think and do things properly. That’s why it is essential to invest in the right ergonomic office furniture. Look for a chair with adjustable features like seat depth, backrest angle, armrest, and headrest.

Adjustable desks offer you the unique chance to customize your workspace. Countless studies demonstrate the benefits of standing up and working, instead of sitting for long hours. Take advantage of this by adjusting your desk for a healthier work environment!

Purchasing these items may come with a hefty price tag, but they are undoubtedly investments. As you prepare to work from home for the foreseeable future, having access to the right kind of equipment is essential for maximum productivity and comfort.

Home office tip #4: Go green.

Investing in plants for your home office is a win-win situation: not only do they contribute to sustaining the environment, but they also bring numerous benefits. Plants provide added clean air into any space. Research also indicates that having greenery around can help to promote mental well-being.

Caring for a plant helps you focus on something else besides your computer screen, which is especially beneficial when doing difficult tasks. You may even opt for certain types of plants based on their qualities or if they fit nicely with the room’s aesthetic theme! Ferns are particularly useful in humidifying dry areas too, making them excellent options as well.

Home office tip #5: Personalize the walls.

Home offices don’t need to be dull! You may add a little color by putting up posters or tapestry. A whiteboard can also be useful so you can be reminded of your tasks. You could even paint the walls for a newer look!

You don’t need to follow trends. Customize according to what you’d like to see on a daily basis.

Home office tip #6: Stay cool with an air conditioner.

Staying home or working from home in many parts of the country is almost impossible without a dependable air conditioning unit. If you have an office at your house, investing in an AC for it will greatly increase your productivity and comfort. Even though purchasing one may be pricey, there are countless health benefits associated with it that should not be ignored! When making decisions about getting new ACs or maintaining existing ones, make sure to prioritize them as they can play a major role in keeping yourself safe and healthy.

Create a Workspace That Will Energize You

It’s time to be intentional about the workspace you work in. You can do simple changes and see how they can level up your productivity, performance, and overall satisfaction. Even small tweaks can make all the difference between feelings of being overwhelmed with tasks or contentment as you breeze through them. Get started on creating a space for success today!