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Ask Teko: Is a 0.5 HP Aircon Enough?

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Are you thinking of buying a 0.5 HP aircon just because you think it’s cheaper? You might be choosing the wrong aircon for your needs, and you may even spend more in the long run! As the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, is here to give you expert advice on the right aircon horsepower.

When it comes to air conditioners, the term “horsepower” comes up frequently. It’s a power measuring unit that refers to the rate at which work is completed. It’s commonly used to describe the output of engines or motors.

There are a variety of horsepower specifications and kinds. Mechanical horsepower is roughly 745.7 watts, while electric horsepower is around 746 watts. We’re talking about electric horsepower, a helpful knowledge to have because it not only determines the unit’s cooling capacity but also indicates its power consumption.

Best Room Size for A 0.5 HP Aircon

Now back to the question, is a 0.5 HP enough for you? The answer largely depends on the room size you’re trying to cool. You see, getting a larger or smaller air conditioner isn’t always better. An aircon that is too large for your room will switch on and off more frequently, consuming more power in the process. An aircon that is too small for your room, on the other hand, will rarely turn off. It will work continually to attain your target temperature despite not having the power to do so.

According to Meralco’s estimates, an air conditioner that isn’t the correct size for your room might cost you an additional Php 965 monthly!

The larger the space you want to install your air conditioner in, the greater the unit capacity should be. This is why it’s critical to correctly measure the dimensions of your room before comparing them to the unit size or HP of the air conditioner you’re considering.

Here’s how much HP you’ll need to chill a room of various sizes:

  • 0.5 HP aircon: 6-11 square meter room
  • 0.75 HP aircon: 12-17 square meter room
  • 1 HP aircon: 18-22 square meter room
  • 1.5 HP aircon: 23-27 square meter room
  • 2 HP aircon: 28-40 square meter room

Aside from room space, there are a few more things to think about:


Large windows, especially ones that aren’t tinted, allow more heat. If your room is substantially shadowed, go for a lower-HP air conditioner. However, if your room gets a lot of direct sunlight, you should consider getting an aircon with a greater HP so that it can effectively chill your space.

People Using the Room

If more than three people are in the room, you should choose a higher-HP air conditioner. More heat will be within the space due to more bodies, necessitating a larger cooling capacity.

In summary, if you have a room that is 6-11 square meters in size, doesn’t get too hot inside, and only houses 1-3 people, a 0.5 HP air conditioner could be enough. Otherwise, you might want to think about models with more capacity. You may check this quick guide when buying an air conditioner and our list of The Best Aircon Brands in the Philippines to help you decide.