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Brand Spotlight: Union Appliances

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Union has been one of the top home appliance companies in the Philippines for more than 50 years, debuting in 1960. But if you only know this brand for their electric fans or washing machine, you’re surely missing out on something. We’re Teko.ph, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, here to tell you more about Union.

The company initially gained traction in the 1990s, when they saw a significant increase in sales of its electric fans. In the early 2000s, they expanded even further, forming a commercial collaboration with local celebrity Kris Aquino.

Union expanded its product line to include laundry goods and small kitchen equipment in 2008. With products like the anti-mosquito fans, perfect timing fans, and designer series fans, the company continued to reinvent its electric fans throughout the years.

Union established a solid international presence in 2013. It began exporting its products to the Middle East, South America, and, later, Japan, after working with Japanese engineers. In 2015, the Kaizen Industrial Fan was born from this collaboration.

While they are proud of their lengthy history, they are always looking to the future to find new ways to assist Filipinos in running their homes more efficiently. They aspire to create goods that are not only dependable and long-lasting, but also capable of providing more than simply a basic household appliance.

Many of their goods are created and manufactured in the Philippines with pride. They are a Filipino firm, after all, dedicated to delivering the greatest possible appliance products for Filipinos from start to end.

Union Washing Machine

Union offers some of the most compact washing machines and spin dryers in the Philippines. Their mini washers are top-rated among renters and those who live in limited spaces.

Most of their washing machines feature great capacity, turbo-jet spin-dry function, and water-saving mechanisms for a complete and efficient wash. Combine these features with “no rust” technology and very powerful pulsators and you have the complete washing machine package. Ultimately, Union washing machines are affordable and reliable.

Why Buy Union?

  • Proudly made in the Philippines
  • 50 years of manufacturing experience
  • Powerful washing machine pulsators
  • Great compact washing machine combos for small spaces
  • Great washing machine prices