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Electric vs Induction Cookers At Home: Which One Is Better?

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Whether you’re moving to a new home or thinking of replacing your gas stove, it’s important to weigh your options. Between electric vs induction cookers, which really is more energy-efficient, convenient, and safer? We’re here, Teko.ph, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, with a comparison of these two stove options.

Electric vs Induction Cookers: Efficiency & Convenience

Let us guess: You can’t decide between electric vs induction cookers because you want one that can help you save more, right? For a quick answer, an induction cooktop is more energy-efficient than an electric stove.

Induction cooktops use magnetic fields to transfer heat directly to the cookware. This means faster heating times and minimal heat loss, resulting in less energy consumed. According to Meralco Power Lab Tests, induction cookers are more efficient (at 82%) vs gas stove and electric coil-type stoves. 

For more precise cooking temperatures, you can control an induction cooker better. They typically have digital touch controls that you can press depending on what you’re cooking. Meanwhile, electric stoves have knob controls with limited temperature options.

When it comes to cleaning, induction cooktops are generally much easier to clean compared to electric stoves. They usually have smooth glass surfaces that you can wipe after cooking.

Cleaning electric stove coils, even those with hotplates, can be more time-consuming. Spills and splatters may accumulate and burn, so you’ll need to clean them immediately after cooking. Just be sure to let it completely cool down to avoid burns!

Electric vs Induction Cookers: Safety

Generally, both electric and induction stoves do not produce open flames. They also won’t need gas lines, so you can avoid combustion. However, spills or flammable objects left near an electric stove’s coils can pose a fire hazard.

Additionally, induction only works with compatible cookware. If someone in your home accidentally turns it on without a pot or pan on top, you can avoid overheating or burns.

Choosing Between Electric Stove & Induction Cookers

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you prioritize speed, efficiency, and precise control, an induction cooktop is a great investment. 

It is important to note, though, that induction stoves can be more expensive. You’ll also have to buy new cookware if your pots and pans at home are not compatible. Look for cookware made with magnetic metals like cast iron or stainless steel with a ferrous base for induction cooktops.