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Extend the Life of Your Inverter Aircon with These 5 Easy Tips

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Living in the Philippines, we’re pretty sure you’re grateful you’ve decided to buy an aircon. Because of the tropical weather, it’s a must-have in many homes. But the costs may not end after buying a unit. If you don’t maintain it well, you may have unexpected spending. That’s why we’re here,, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, with some tips on how you can prolong the life of your inverter aircon:

1. Keep it clean.

Aircon cleaning should always be on your home maintenance list. If you’re wondering about how often should aircon be cleaned, we highly recommend booking an aircon cleaning service every three to four months. Aircons used in businesses must be cleaned at least every three months.

Also, clean the filter every one to three months to avoid dust and dirt buildup. You may check the user manual on how to locate, remove, and clean it properly.

2. Check for air leaks.

If your aircon leaks, it can increase energy costs and put extra pressure on your inverter’s motor and compressor. Additionally, if you sense a sudden change in temperature or feel a breeze coming from walls, doors, or windows, there may be gaps or openings that allow air to escape or enter.

When you detect one, don’t pretend you didn’t see it! Call in a professional aircon technician so they can fix and make your aircon work more efficiently.

3. Adjust the thermostat to your ideal comfort level.

To achieve a comfortable room temperature, set your thermostat at around 24 or 25 degrees Celsius. Remember, turning your AC to a colder setting than usual will not speed up the cooling process! According to Meralco Power Lab tests, setting a 1.0 window-type to 25°C instead of 18°C for 8 hours each night can save you up to P991 monthly.

To prevent overworking the aircon, it’s better to set the temperature to a comfortable level instead of using extreme settings. This will reduce strain on the unit and increase its lifespan.

4. Keep your inverter aircon away from direct sunlight.

Aircons can withstand normal environmental conditions, including exposure to sunlight. But if an aircon is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it absorbs heat from the sun. This increases the overall heat load on the unit, making it consume more energy to maintain your desired temperature.

If possible, install external shading devices such as awnings or canopies to protect the aircon. If it is not installed yet, position it away from windows or areas where it will be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.

5. Get a professional inverter aircon service.

Schedule professional maintenance checks at least once a year. Certified technicians can inspect your inverter aircon, identify potential issues, and do necessary repairs or tune-ups to keep it in optimal condition.

For hassle-free maintenance, you can avail of Teko’s customizable aircon maintenance plan. You won’t need to find a technician every year, plus you get 10% off on repair services, replacement units, and first cleaning with multiple units.

Prolonging the Life of an Inverter Aircon: Conclusion

By following these simple tips, you can extend the life of your inverter aircon and enjoy its cooling benefits for years to come. Remember, a little maintenance goes a long way in keeping your aircon running smoothly and efficiently. So go ahead, show your inverter aircon some love, and it’ll reward you with cool comfort for years!

If it’s a bit too late and you’re now looking to buy a replacement, we’ve got you! Here’s our list of the best aircon brands in the Philippines to guide you.