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What Makes Split Type Aircons Popular

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Are you wondering how split type aircons grew more popular in the Philippines over recent years? As the country’s leading aircon & appliance services provider, Teko.ph is here to provide you with some insights. Here are some benefits of a split type air conditioner, compared to window type air conditioners.

Parts of A Split Type Air Conditioner

This energy-efficient appliance consists of two major parts—an indoor and an external unit. A conduit connects these two units together.

The indoor unit is equipped with a blower fan and evaporator coil. It is installed inside your house or apartment. The hosing system works to draw in the warm air before sending it outdoors.

The outdoor unit that looks like a large fan contains a compressor and condenser coil. It draws in and pressurizes air from outside, then sends it back into your home through the indoor unit’s vent hose.

Benefits of Split Type Aircons

First, split type air conditioners are more efficient as they don’t require large and complex ducts. That’s why they’re known as “ductless” or “mini-split.”

Second, the split type design is suitable for many home layouts, not just near windows or doors. They can be set up in any room where you need them most! You can also install them in rooms that are difficult to reach, such as basements.

Split type ACs are not only cheaper than centralized systems. They also use less energy, resulting in lower electricity bills. You’re sure to have a cool home even through the summer months, with their range of settings.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and efficient cooling solution for your home or office, split type air conditioners are the best fit. Many air conditioner brands in the Philippines even offer enhanced features such as automatic temperature regulators, sleep mode, and advanced filters. With a split type AC unit, you can enjoy cool indoor air while saving on your energy bill!