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Teko Launches The First Tech Conference 2023 for Partner Technicians

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MANILA, Philippines — In a significant milestone, Teko.ph hosted its first-ever Teko Technicians Conference, TTC2023. It was held at the Madison Galleries in Alabang, Metro Manila, on November 23, 2023.

Teko was established in 2017 with a pioneer batch of 12 technicians covering three services. Now, it has grown into the largest platform for professional freelance appliances and electronics technicians in the Philippines. The tech conference marked a historic gathering of some of the large pool of Teko’s partner technicians, nearly 200, from across Metro Manila and nearby areas.

Teko Partner Technicians
Photo courtesy of Teko PH

TTC2023: Empowering Technicians

Reflecting on their journey, the Teko team emphasized the transformative impact on the lives of its partner technicians. Beyond providing greater income-generating opportunities of up to five times the average salary of similarly skilled technicians, the company is also instrumental in providing financial stability and reliable support to help manage their jobs and customers so they can focus on what they do best. 

Set to occur annually, this gathering brings together Teko partner technicians for updates and knowledge-sharing. It also provides Teko with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of its partner technicians’ needs and challenges.

Recognizing the Best of Teko Partner Technicians

The tech conference was not only a celebration of Teko’s growth! During the event, Teko took the opportunity to recognize and comment on the best-performing partner technicians who excelled in customer ratings, income, and completed jobs. They also revealed plans for new features, tools, and programs to accelerate growth.

Farah Barre, Teko CEO, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the partner technicians, saying, “We are honored to be working with the most talented Filipino technicians and supporting their growth and dedication. Together, we are elevating the client experience and unlocking more opportunities!”

“It is incredibly humbling to see that we have made such a difference in the lives of our Partner Technicians, and we hope to be able to do so for the many more technicians out there who deserve to be well compensated for their skill, specializations, and hard work,” shares Chris Teodoro, COO of Teko.

In photo: Teko Chief Executive Officer Farah Barre and Chief Operating Officer Chris Teodoro
Photo courtesy of Teko PH

A Glimpse into the Future of Teko

As Teko sets its sights on further revolutionizing the freelance technicians and after-sales industry in the ASEAN region, the tech conference marked the beginning of an exciting journey. The company is indeed committed to creating more opportunities for technicians as it prepares to extend Teko’s reach to more regions in the Philippines and abroad.

To learn more about Teko, visit teko.ph or Teko’s official social media pages. For information about Teko Partners, visit our official Facebook page.