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TV LCD Screen Replacement vs. Buying a New TV

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Before you start TV shopping, we’re here to save your wallet! We’re Teko.ph, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, with a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide whether it’s time for a TV LCD screen replacement or a new TV.

TV LCD Screen Replacement vs. Buying a New TV: Factors to Consider

  • Extent of Damage

Get a TV LCD screen replacement if there are minimal damages. A few dead pixels or a small crack is tolerable since you can still use the TV safely.

Go for a new TV if the screen is severely damaged. The technician may recommend replacing the entire unit because of the complex repair process.

  • Age or Model of TV

Get a TV LCD screen replacement to save your old television. If it has sentimental value, you may opt to just replace the damaged screen. 

Buy a new TV if you can’t find a replacement for the LCD screen. There may be limited options since older models may have discontinued parts.

  • TV Size & Features

Go for TV LCD screen replacement if you’re satisfied with your TV’s current size and features. If it’s a new model, it can be just right for your space and needs.

Choose a new flat screen TV if you prefer TVs with better features. You may want to go for 4k resolution, voice control, web browsing, wireless connectivity, and more.

  • Budget

Opt for TV LCD screen replacement if you have a limited budget. Depending on the factors mentioned above, repairing or replacing the LCD may be more cost-effective.

Buy a new flat screen TV if budget is not a problem. You may also want to use your TV immediately when you see signs of a broken LCD screen. It is also a more convenient option as a quick solution.

Best TV Technician for LCD Screen Replacement

In summary, the decision between TV LCD screen replacement and buying a new TV has no specific answer. It will depend on the situation of your damaged TV, your budget, and your preferences.

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