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32-Inch Smart TV: Why It’s Ideal for Small Spaces

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Are you currently eyeing a new smart TV for your apartment or condominium unit? We’re Teko.ph, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, with some reasons to convince you to get a 32-inch smart TV for your space!

Why Buy A 32-Inch Smart TV

Here are the top reasons to get a 32-inch smart TV for your small space:

Space Efficiency

To help you imagine this television, a 32-inch smart TV is as wide as a standard-sized backpack. It’s really compact and best suits small rooms. And as you know, a wall-mounted TV makes your room look bigger. You can maximize space when you mount the TV.

A 32-inch smart TV is appropriate for small rooms since it is proportionate to the space. You can comfortably watch without overwhelming visuals or light.


Since it’s small, a 32-inch smart TV can be placed practically anywhere. You can put it on your living room table or cabinet, or mount it on any wall. Smaller TVs are also easier to move and relocate if needed.

For small rooms, it’s also well-suited for closer viewing. You can also use it as a secondary display screen for work, gaming, or streaming.


A 32-inch smart TV is often more budget-friendly than larger TVs. It’s a good choice if you’re planning to use it in a small room.

There are a lot of 32-inch smart TVs with features similar to the bigger units, making it a smart option. They come with built-in streaming apps and connectivity options. You won’t need additional devices to access online content and apps.

Safety Tips for Your 32-Inch Smart TV

Once you’ve decided on buying a 32-inch smart TV, you may also want to consider mounting it. If you live with kids or pets, it’s safer to secure it with a TV mount. Just be sure to have a professional mount it, and then use the right TV wall bracket.

Use cable clips to organize the cords and avoid tripping hazards. Also, don’t forget to clean it regularly using a soft cloth. Gently wipe its surfaces and do not use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals. For the remote control, use appropriate batteries and keep spare batteries on hand. Replace them as soon as they run low to avoid reduced responsiveness and corrosion.

And if you need expert help in case you encounter any TV issues, just book with Teko PH! Our certified technicians can service any TV brand and size, whether it’s an Android, smart, or basic TV. Aside from repairs, our technicians can also install and mount your TV. Enjoy convenient online bookings for your 32-inch smart TV with Teko!