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5 Common Smart TV Problems & How to Fix Them

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Are you familiar with basic troubleshooting for your TV at home? In case you encounter any of these five common smart TV problems, do you know what to do? We’re Teko.ph, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, with some simple solutions to help you.

Auto power off or TV won’t turn on

While watching your favorite shows, does your TV turn off automatically? First, disable the sleep timer from the TV settings menu. You may also just adjust it depending on your preference.

If the TV won’t turn on, the power cord might be loosely plugged in. You may also try plugging it into another socket. In some cases, there may be issues with your software or the TV’s internal components. For major issues like these, contact a TV technician for assistance.

Smart TV lines or dead pixels

Did you accidentally bump your smart TV? That’s one possible cause of dead pixels or broken LCD screen. if it’s a new unit, that may be a manufacturing defect also. In the same way, if it’s already old, it may be a sign of wear and tear.

No sound

This seems funny, but sometimes, the TV might be just on mute! Use your remote to turn up the volume. If you’re using an external speaker, check if it’s connected via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi or if it is securely plugged in.

If you need more tips, read our blog about TV Black Screen with Sound? Here’s How to Fix It and HDMI No Sound On TV: Your Quick Troubleshooting Guide.

No display

Did you turn on the TV and notice that the sound is okay, but there still is no display? One possible reason is wrong input. Use your remote to look for the TV input or source settings. Try the different options until you see the correct display.

You may also try checking your TV’s display settings. The brightness may be too dim, and your room is brightly lit. That’s why the screen is less vibrant. You may read our blog to learn How to Adjust Your Flat Screen TV Settings for Better Quality.

Wi-Fi issues

This is one of the most common yet challenging problems you can encounter with your smart TV. First off, check if your Wi-Fi is active or if it works on other devices, and then, make sure to connect to the right Wi-Fi network. If it still does not work, try restarting your router to resolve the connectivity issue.

Finding A Smart TV Technician in Metro Manila

Did you already give up on troubleshooting smart TV issues? If the above tips do not work, it’s time to call in a smart TV technician. They’re especially helpful if you experience persistent issues or if there are parts that need replacement.

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