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7 Signs You Need Aircon Cleaning Now

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Signs your air conditioner needs cleaning

As summer arrives, it’s time to ensure that your air conditioner is running smoothly. After all, you depend on it (and your comfort) every single day! As the leading aircon and appliance service provider in the Philippines, we at Teko.ph highly recommend you check your AC now. It won’t take too long to do it! If you’re not sure about how often should aircon be cleaned, here are a few warning signs that will tell you when it’s time for aircon cleaning:

Weak airflow

One of the most obvious signs your AC needs cleaning is poor airflow—non-existent, sometimes. There may be dust and dirt buildup on the filters or within the unit itself. Cleaning the filters and ducts can help improve airflow and keep your home cool during the summer months. 

If you find leaves clogging your exterior grille, don’t just let them go down the drain or get inhaled. Use tweezers to pull them out and put them in the recycling bin. This way, everyone can enjoy all of that fresh air!

Foul smell

Got that familiar smell of last week’s laundry even if you’ve washed them all? There may be a problem with your AC, and it may need deep cleaning. This bad odor may indicate mold or bacteria that may have grown because of moisture. Sometimes, critters may enter your AC unit and give off a nasty odor when they die inside it.

Humidity problems

When the air is saturated with moisture, it reaches a high level of humidity that can lead to mold growth and other health risks. An unclean AC unit is not only unhygienic, but it also reduces its energy efficiency due to bacteria buildup on coils, hindering their ability to transfer heat from inside your home out efficiently. Cleaning your air conditioner regularly is vital during humid summer days or after intense rainfall to maintain its performance. 

Frozen refrigerant lines

Refrigerant lines in your air conditioner can be made of metal, plastic, or rubber. All these could become blocked and frozen with ice if not regularly maintained. If this happens, the compressor will overheat, resulting in repairs that keep you from relaxing in a cool home during summer months. To avoid such mishaps, make sure to perform regular maintenance on your AC system, so that when you need it most.

Strange noises

In some air conditioning units, low-level humming is normal. But if you hear strange noises like rattling or buzzing, there might be a problem. It can be a loose part or a clogged drain line. It would be best to consult with a professional technician to find the cause and fix it.

Frequent cycles

An aircon is engineered to run in a set cycle period for optimized performance. But if you notice that it turns on and off constantly, there may be internal components that need fixing. An increase in your electricity bill will also say that there might be something wrong. Be sure to schedule a cleaning to fix it right away!

Electricity bill increase

Noticed an increase in your electricity bill even if you didn’t change anything in terms of usage? There might be a problem with your AC. It could be anything from dirty filters to an inefficient compressor, all of which can be addressed through a good cleaning and maintenance routine by an experienced technician


You don’t need to guess if your aircon needs servicing. It’s a must to have your AC unit cleaned and maintained. If you notice any or all of these signs, contact us and let our technicians do a thorough inspection of the system and provide you with an accurate diagnosis before any work begins. A certified aircon technician may even share tips on how many months to clean aircon or how often should aircon be cleaned. Next time, you’ll know when to call them once you see these signs mentioned!

When the time comes that not even the best technicians can clean and repair your aircon, make sure to invest in a brand of good quality so it lasts long. You can even find one that has a self-cleaning feature so you can save money for aircon cleaning. You may browse our list of The Best Aircon Brands in the Philippines for your next aircon purchase.