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8 Signs You Need to Call An Electrical Technician

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Electrical issues at home are common. However, not all of us have the knowledge to fix them easily and safely. If you notice these eight signs, it might be time to call an electrical technician now:

Sign #1: Strange noises

If you notice any sound from appliances like rattling or banging, that’s another obvious sign that you should call an electrical technician. In some cases, these noises could be caused by loose wiring, broken parts, faulty motors, or clogged vents (especially in refrigerators and aircons.)

Sign #2: Burning smells 

That familiar smell of burnt rubber is likely due to overheating wires. Try to locate where the smell is coming from—electrical outlets, appliances, or any other potential sources of fire. Unplug your appliances at home and call an electrical technician immediately.

Sign #3: Flickering lights 

Aside from giving your home some horror-thriller movie vibes, flickering light can also be annoying. It can signal that something might be wrong with your home’s electrical system. There may be an overloaded circuit somewhere, which could lead to a dangerous fire if left unchecked. 

Sign #4: Damaged cords

Putting tape around frayed cords must only be a temporary solution. Using damaged cords might further damage the appliance as you use it, and may even lead to electric shock, fire, and other accidents. For phone chargers, you can simply buy a new one. But for appliances, be sure to have an electrical technician repair or replace it. 

Don’t forget to check if the machine is still under warranty so you can save money for repairs or replacement.

Sign #5: Frequent tripping of circuit breakers 

When the power suddenly goes out at home but there is no electricity outage in your area, that may be a sign of your circuit breaker tripping. There might be too much electricity running through one of the circuits in your home, which could cause a lot of damage if not taken care of immediately. 

The only way to know what is causing your breaker box to trip is by calling in an electrician technician who can inspect and troubleshoot the issue for you quickly and safely.  

Sign #6: Sparks from outlets

You may think that it’s normal to see sparks when plugging in your appliances, but it is a serious issue that may even lead to house fires. Common reasons why this happens are loose connections within the electrical outlet, an overloaded circuit from too many plugged-in devices, or faulty wiring.

Sign #7: Malfunctioning switches 

Like many other things at home, switches can wear out over time due to repeated use. Another reason might be moisture or water damage, which may even lead to a short circuit. Before they stop working altogether, call an electrical technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

Sign #8: Electric shock

Do you get mild electric shocks when plugging in appliances or feel static when using plugged gadgets? Its wiring may not be grounded or plugged properly. And as a tropical country, humidity may also be another factor in getting mild electric shocks when your skin contacts an appliance.

When you see one sign—hopefully, not all eight—it’s best to call an electrical technician right away! Don’t wait for a minor issue to become a major hazard in your home. Good news is, a certified electrician is just one booking away with Teko! Just book a service online and enjoy transparent pricing and quick & convenient service for your electrical needs at home.

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