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Best Brands of Coolest Fans in the Philippines

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Maybe it’s that time of the year when even sitting down makes you sweat. Now you’re here, searching for the coolest fans in the Philippines. Lucky for you, we’ve got answers! We’re Teko.ph, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, with a guide to the brands with the coolest fans you can buy today.

What are the best electric fan brands in the nation?

Our monthly data from thousands of appliance services reveal that Midea, Toshiba, and Imarflex are the top brands of coolest fans in the Philippines. Here are facts that explain why they are remarkable:


Midea is a reliable Chinese appliance brand that’s widely available in many stores in the Philippines, whether physical or online. Aside from electric fans, Midea also offers aircons, washing machines, refrigerators, washing machines, and other appliances—including those from other brands.

Yes, you read that right! Many other brands simply rebrand and sell the appliances that Midea manufactures. This is what Midea does as one of the largest appliance Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the world. The trust brands give to Midea only shows their machines’ reliability.

Although they’re not locally manufactured, their after-sales support is accessible —which we’ll discuss further later.


Our top picks of coolest fans also include Toshiba, which is known for its innovation and dependability. They embody the Japanese philosophy of “Takumi,” meaning master craftsman, ensuring that they provide superior performance and Japanese quality known worldwide.

Take the Toshiba Inverter Electric Fan as an example. Unlike the usual electric fan, this one has 9 blades, 26 adjustable speeds, and 4 wind modes. It also has a timer, sleep & silent mode features, and LED display. It’s like getting an aircon but for way more than half the price!

Toshiba’s after-sales service is just as reliable as its fans. Keep reading to know more about this!


Imarflex is a Filipino brand that has been making home appliances for over 40 years. They are known for their affordable and reliable products, and their fans are no exception. In the Philippines, Imarflex offers a variety of fan models that are both functional and affordable.

Don’t Overlook After-Sales Service!

It’s not common for electric fans to have an extensive after-sales service since they are generally simpler and more affordable than other types of appliances. However, some brands may offer limited warranties or repair services for their units. If you purchase a high-end or expensive electric fan, the after-sales service options are worth considering.

For Midea and Toshiba fans under warranty, you can simply book a service via their website anytime! Once you’ve set your preferred date and time of servicing, they will direct your request to the nearest service center. This is a great convenience compared to contacting the manufacturer’s hotline without a guarantee of getting a repair service.

If your electric fan is out of warranty or does not have one, you can easily schedule a service with Teko.ph. Our services are available anytime and anywhere, and you can expect a certified technician to arrive at your doorstep within 24 hours. We service all fan brands and provide a service warranty. What sets us apart from other repair services is our Php 2 million property protection guarantee, a unique benefit you won’t find anywhere else.

Inquire About the Availability of Replacement Parts

Generally, spare parts for electric fans are easy to find in the Philippines, especially for popular brands. Sometimes, you may only need screws or fan blades, which are available in local repair shops and hardware. However, there may be some instances where parts need to be ordered from abroad, which could cause some delay in the repair process.

It’s always a good idea to go for popular brands like Midea and Toshiba. Although they are imported brands, they’re known nationwide, so you’re sure to find replacement parts from various sources.

Where to Buy the Coolest Fans in the Philippines

Living in the Philippines will mean going through warm days, especially during the dry season. If you have no budget yet for an aircon, you can shop for the coolest fans online!

ConcepStore is the official online store of Midea and Toshiba, where you can easily buy electric fans and check out instantly with their various payment methods. It’s a very convenient way to buy your appliances as you won’t have to go out anymore, especially if you’ve become used to shopping online when the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

Coolest Fans: What to Consider Before Buying 

The coolest electric fan is a matter of personal preference. The answer can depend on several factors, such as these:

Electric fan types

In the Philippines, the most common types of electric fans are ceiling fans, stand fans, wall fans, and desk fans. If you’re looking for the coolest fans for a small space, a desk fan can do the job. For example, if you want a fan that can cool an entire room, an oscillating ceiling fan may be the best choice.

Midea has a 2-in-1 convertible electric fan that you can use in two ways: as a desk fan and stand fan. You can easily adjust its height and angle! No need to buy two electric fans when you need them for different uses.

Speed settings

Most electric fans have multiple speed settings, which you can adjust by pressing the buttons or using its remote control. Basically, the more speed settings, the more control you can have over the airflow. You can use a high-speed setting to cool the room rapidly when it is hot. On colder days, a low-speed option may provide a gentle breeze.

Energy efficiency

It’s a no-brainer that electric fans are better than aircon when it comes to price. There are models of the best electric fans in the Philippines that you can buy for under Php 1000.

However, newer electric fan models, like those that Toshiba offer, may have inverter technology. This can help you save more on your electricity, especially if you intend to use the fan for longer hours.

Extra features

Consider any additional features that the fan may have, such as remote control, oscillation, or air ionizers. These features can add convenience and functionality to the fan, making it even cooler and more useful.

If you consider the aesthetics, you can never go wrong with Midea fans! Many of Midea’s electric fans have been recognized by the iF Design Awards, one of the world’s most established and respected design awards. Midea fans are not only functional and efficient, they’re also made with innovative designs.

Coolest Fans in the Philippines: Conclusion

Ultimately, the coolest fans are the ones that best cool your room based on your needs. It does not change your room’s temperature, but it can definitely cool you down, especially on warm summer days. Once your budget allows, upgrade to an air conditioning system by choosing from The Best Aircon Brands in the Philippines!

But if you need some really specific fan recommendations, we highly suggest you go for popular brands like Midea and Toshiba. Not only will you get reliable quality that’s reasonably priced. When you need it, you can conveniently book an after-sales service for your fan. No waiting on the phone—do it online and wait for the nearest technician to arrive at your doorstep. Their replacement parts are also available everywhere since they’re popular electric fan brands in the Philippines.