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How to Know If You Need Aircon Cleaning or Aircon Repair

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Like many other appliances at home, your aircon may malfunction anytime. And if you live in a tropical country like the Philippines, it will be such a hassle when this time comes. You’ll either have to book for aircon cleaning or aircon repair as soon as you notice the signs. But how do you decide which service to get? We’re, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, here with a quick guide.

Signs That You Need Aircon Cleaning and Aircon Repair

When you experience issues with your aircon, what do you do first? To panic should not be your first move! You can do basic cleaning or troubleshooting for minor issues like dirt buildup. But when you start to see these signs, here’s the solution so you can save time and money:

Sign #1: Reduced cooling

What you need: Aircon cleaning

If you notice that your aircon does not cool your home the way it used to, it may be a sign that the unit needs cleaning. Accumulated dirt and dust on the air filters, coils, and other parts can obstruct airflow, reducing the cooling capacity of the unit.

Sign #2: Increased electric bill

What you need: Aircon cleaning

If you see a sudden spike in your energy bills without any changes in your usage, it could be an indication that your aircon is working harder to maintain the desired temperature—due to dirt and debris buildup. You’ll need to book a certified technician to clean your aircon as soon as possible.

Sign #3: Foul odor

What you need: Aircon cleaning

There might be mold, dirt, or mildew inside your aircon. This may not only impact the performance of your aircon but also pose health risks. Have your aircon cleaned so it can be disinfected as well.

Sign #4: Frequent breakdowns

What you need: Aircon repair

If your aircon constantly cycles on and off, it’s a clear indication that something is wrong with the unit. This could be due to issues such as thermostat problems, electrical issues, or refrigerant leaks, which need to be addressed by a professional aircon repair service.

Sign #5: Error codes or warning lights

What you need: Aircon repair

If your air conditioning unit has warning lights or error codes appearing on the display panel, check the user manual or contact a professional to identify and fix the problem. This is a common feature in modern air conditioning units.

To guide you better, here are 7 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Cleaning Now. Once an aircon technician visits your home to clean your aircon, you may also consult with them as they’re the best person to ask about your AC. 

Many common issues with your aircon can be solved with regular aircon cleaning, which we recommend you do every 3 to 4 months for residential units. If you notice that the aircon issues keep on happening or if they get worse, book for aircon repair immediately to avoid further problems.

Where to Book the Best Aircon Cleaning and Aircon Repair Service

No experience in booking an aircon cleaning or aircon repair service in the Philippines? You don’t have to worry because you can simply do it online! With Teko, you’re sure to get quality service from certified and experienced technicians. They service all brands and types of aircon, whether at home or in your business space.