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Easy TV Wall Mount Ideas & Tips for Every Room

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Did you recently buy a new TV? Now, where do you put it, and how would you mount it? We’re Teko.ph, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, with some TV wall mount ideas you can check out.

Fixed TV Wall Mount

This is the most common and the simplest type of mount you can have at home. Basically, your TV stays in one position.

Tilt Wall Mount

Got a home theater room or an outdoor TV? A tilt wall mount is ideal in these situations since you can easily adjust your viewing angle. If you’re placing a TV in your restaurant or bar, this is also best used so you can adjust the TV for your customers’ viewing pleasure.

Corner TV Wall Mount

Does your room have limited wall space, or do you have no available flat wall? You can go with a corner TV wall mount, especially if the room is unusually shaped.

However, it may be more complex to use this kind of mount since you’ll have to properly align and level its parts.

Swivel Mount Using Single/Double Arm Bracket 

Got a large room? You may want to go with a single arm bracket or double arm TV wall bracket. This is the type of mount that allows you to tilt, swivel, and extend your TV away from the wall.

If you prefer watching from different parts of the room or in different seating positions, this one’s the best TV wall mount for you.

Tips for Mounting Your TV At Home

Have you decided to mount your TV? That’s a good decision, but take some time to read these tips for a safer and more effective mounting:

  • Measure your TV. Know its accurate length, width, and height so you can buy the appropriate TV wall mount.
  • Find the right TV wall bracket. You can’t just choose a famous brand or something that’s affordable. Make sure it is compatible with your TV’s size and weight.
  • Determine your viewing height. Consider the other people who will use the TV and know the best angle or height for your eye level.
  • Plan how your cables will look like. Try different layouts so you can maintain an organized look.
  • Carefully read the user manual. Even if a part fits, it may not be the correct setup! Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safe installation.
  • Test the TV after installation. Check if it’s wobble or tilting by itself, and then adjust accordingly.

Best TV Mounting Service in Metro Manila

If you’re uncertain about the installation process, don’t risk your TV and your safety! Also, you’ll need a drill, a level, screwdriver, and more tools to properly install it. If you don’t have these at home, you’ll have to spend more.

That’s why we highly recommend hiring a technician to do it for you. The situation will always depend, but it may be complicated to install a TV if you need to route cables or deal with different kinds of walls. And also, if you need to install a 43-inch TV (or bigger!) at home, one person may not be able to do it alone.

For the best TV mounting service in Metro Manila, just book with Teko! Our experienced technicians can help mount all types and brands of TVs. No matter what size that is, they can mount it using fixed, single-arm, and double-arm brackets.

Visit our website now, and then book a technician for your TV mounting needs!