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Hire A Professional Aircon Technician to Avoid These 5 Problems

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Living in the Philippines, how thankful are you for your aircon at home? As a tropical country, it’s really essential to have a go-to cooling solution during the dry season. That’s why we,, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, are here to remind you always hire a professional aircon technician to avoid these issues in the future:

They help you avoid improper installation.

Improper installation is one of the most common problems that people face with their air conditioners. It can result in decreased efficiency, higher energy bills, and even damage to the unit. A professional aircon technician has the necessary knowledge and skills to install the unit correctly, ensuring that it runs efficiently and safely.

A professional aircon technician fixes clogged filters.

Blocked air filters can reduce the airflow of your aircon, resulting in decreased efficiency and higher energy bills. When you hire a professional aircon technician, they can easily clean and replace the filter. It’s a necessity to hire one especially if you own a split type aircon, since it may be too high for you to reach or you may not be familiar with its parts.

They solve refrigerant leaks.

Refrigerant is the substance that cools the air in your air conditioning system. Newer aircon models use environmentally friendly refrigerants, while older models use Freon. When you feel like your aircon does not produce cool air anymore, the culprit might be a refrigerant leak! It may cause the system to work harder, increasing energy consumption and electricity bills. A certified aircon technician can identify and repair this issue before they cause further damage.

A professional aircon technician helps avoid electrical problems.

A typical household will probably experience one electrical issue in their lifetime. Even if it’s tempting to DIY, we all know it’s safer to call a professional aircon technician to fix it. They can easily solve a simple electrical problem that may help you avoid more or worse problems in the future.

They fix reduced efficiency with your AC.

When you hire a certified and trained aircon technician to address minor AC issues at home, you can save money in the long run! Professional aircon technicians have years of experience and training—they have seen a variety of aircon issues and know how to diagnose and fix them efficiently. They can even provide valuable advice on how often should aircon be cleaned. They can do regular aircon maintenance to help optimize your AC to its maximum efficiency.


It is worth the investment to ensure that your aircon is functioning optimally and that you and your family are safe. That’s why hiring a professional aircon technician is important. However, you should just call them when you start noticing issues with your aircon. Start by booking a certified aircon technician from Teko to install your unit to make sure it works properly and efficiently, from then on.