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Hiring the Best Technician for Appliance Repair

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Appliances are an investment in a home. To some, you’ll even have to save up for years to be able to buy a high-quality aircon or refrigerator. But when it needs repair, you need to find a reliable repair technician to help you. That’s why we’re here, Teko.ph, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, to help you find the best technician for appliance repair.

Common Appliance Issues

One day or another, you will encounter an issue with your appliances at home. It may depend on the age, how often you use it, and maintenance. Here are some issues you may encounter with your household appliances:

  • Poor aircon cooling. You may notice that your AC does not cool the way it used to. The aircon filter may be dirty, or the unit may need maintenance already.
  • TV with no sound or display. There may be backlight issues or problems with your speaker or audio settings.
  • No hot water from the water heater. Your unit may have a faulty thermostat or electrical issues.
  • Strange ref noises. When you hear gentle humming from your refrigerator, that’s normal since the compressor cycles through cooling. But if you hear hissing, loud banging, and other unusual sounds, there may be parts that need repair.
  • Leaking water from the washing machine. Your machine may have damaged hoses or internal parts, which is hazardous and may affect the electrical components.

DIY vs. Professional Appliance Repair

Going for DIY appliance repair is definitely an easy route—if you have the skills, tools, and knowledge. It can save you so much time, especially for minor issues like loose screws and dirty filters.

However, you may also take so much time if you are not familiar with the appliance issue. You will need to research and try the solutions. It is also potentially hazardous to work with electrical issues, especially if you have no proper materials to handle them.

With professional appliance repair, everything’s safer and more convenient. You can just call in an appliance technician, inform them of the issue, and let them take it from there. You can save time and make sure to have safe repairs.

Of course, you’ll have to pay for this professional service. It’s more expensive than DIY repair (depending on the issue,) but it’s better than buying a new appliance!

Best Appliance Repair Technician in Metro Manila

If you can spend hundreds or thousands of pesos to buy a reliable home appliance, you can also do that to repair it! You can just book a certified technician from Teko for convenient on-site repairs at home. Our professional appliance repair technicians can service all unit types, sizes, and brands. Simply visit our website to book an appliance repair service in Metro Manila today.