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How to Know If A 1 HP Aircon Matches Your Room Size

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Are you a new homeowner who’s looking for an aircon? You may be sure you’re getting a brand-new unit, but are you sure it’s the right size? We’re, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, with a guide on how to know if a 1 HP aircon really fits your room.

Recommended Room Size for 1 HP Aircon

When it comes to determining the ideal room size for a 1 HP aircon, there are a few factors to consider. First, know your room size. Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of your room in feet. Make sure to measure the longest and widest parts of the room for accurate results.

Then, multiply the length and width measurements. For example, if your room is 5 meters long and 4 meters wide, the square footage would be 20 square meters. As a rule of thumb, a 1 HP aircon is recommended for rooms measuring 15 to 21 square meters.

Additional Factors to Consider in Using a 1 HP Aircon

Keep in mind that other factors can affect the cooling needs of your room, including:

Windows and Sunlight Exposure

The number of windows and their orientation to the sun can affect the heat inside the room. Also, direct sunlight exposure may require a higher capacity aircon to handle the increased heat load.

Insulation and Sealing

If your room has poor insulation or significant air leakage, you may need a higher-capacity aircon to compensate for the heat gain. Make sure to seal any gap or crack around windows and doors where the room will be installed.

Room Usage

Consider how the room is used. A living room where people gather for longer durations may need stronger cooling than a hallway or a storage room. Knowing the room’s function is important when choosing an aircon capacity that can fulfill the cooling needs of that specific space.

Heat-Generating Appliances

Take note of any appliance that emits heat, such as computers, televisions, or kitchen appliances. These can raise the temperature in the room and may require a larger unit to compensate for the additional heat.

Seek professional advice

If you’re still unsure of the room size or you can’t measure it accurately because of its unusual shape, we recommend you contact a certified aircon technician to let them do it. They may also provide insights about aircon installation and recommendations depending on your needs.

Conclusion: Room Size for A 1 HP Aircon

To make sure your indoor space is comfortable and energy-efficient, it’s crucial to choose the right-sized aircon. Take accurate room measurements, consider factors that may affect cooling, and seek expert advice to make an informed choice.

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