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Is A Portable Air Cooler Better Than An Aircon?

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In the Philippines, the weather can be unpredictable. And at times when the heat becomes unbearable, do you ever think of getting a portable air cooler? We’re, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, to help you decide! We’ll break down the pros and cons to see if it fits your needs.

Is A Portable Air Cooler Effective in the Philippines vs Aircon?

The quick answer is it depends. As portable air coolers gain popularity, here are its pros and cons to help you decide before buying one. Let’s start with the advantages:

  • Budget-Friendly: Portable air coolers are generally cheaper than aircons. This is in terms of purchase price and energy consumption.
  • Portable: Since air coolers are lightweight, you can easily move them from room to room. Now you can bring cool air wherever you need it, unlike with aircons that only cool the room where it’s installed.
  • No Installation Hassle: When you buy a portable air cooler, all you have to do is plug it in! Just fill the water tank with water and enjoy convenient cooling comfort. No need for complex installations or drilling holes in walls.

However, portable air coolers have limitations that you should consider, too.

  • Limited Cooling Power: If you’re buying an air coolers for a large room, it may not work effectively. It’s best for small spaces and for spot cooling only.
  • Humidity: Since an air cooler uses water to add moisture to the air, it may feel sticky and humid inside the room. It may be uncomfortable during warm and damp days.
  • Maintenance: Remember that you’ll need to regularly refill the water tank. Also, you have to cleaning the filters to keep it clean and free from molds.

Is An Air Cooler Right for You?

Given these pros and cons, it’s up to you to decide depending on your needs and preferences. But if you want to prioritize powerful cooling, you may opt for an aircon instead. You can check out our blog about the Best Aircon Brands to help you choose.

But if you simply need a flexible cooling unit that’s also budget-friendly, go for a portable air cooler.