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Appliances & Aircon Cleaning Made Easy: 6 Tips for Summer

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When you sit comfortably at home, you may not easily realize how your appliances work hard, especially your aircon and electric fan. That’s why we’re here,, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, with a quick reminder to clean them so you can extend their lifespan. Read further for six appliance and aircon cleaning tips for your home appliances.

1. Do regular aircon cleaning & maintenance

During warm days in the Philippines, the aircon is surely your best friend. But you should make sure to give the love and care it deserves! As a rule of thumb, we recommend booking an aircon cleaning service every 3 to 4 months.

Dirty filters and coils can decrease your aircon’s efficiency and can even make your electricity bill soar high. What you can do every month is to clean its filters. Look for the aircon user manual so you can locate, remove, and clean the filter properly.

Pro Tip: Set reminders on your phone or calendar so you don’t forget to clean or book an aircon cleaning service!

2. Keep your refrigerator fresh

Refrigerators are also an essential appliance, especially during summer. They keep all your food and drinks cool, that’s why you should always keep it clean! Start by unplugging it and removing all shelves and drawers. Throw out all spoiled food items and organize everything that you need to put back inside.

Clean the inside shelves, drawers, and interior surfaces with soapy water. Dry everything down to avoid mold growth. See complete guide on how to clean your fridge safely in our blog here.

3. Clean your fans & ventilation systems

Ceiling fans, stand fans, and exhaust fans also need attention. See the dust buildup on the blades? Aside from you inhaling those particles, it can also make the fan blow less cool air.

To clean a fan, turn it off first and unplug. Look for the locks or screws and remove the covers. Use a damp cloth to remove the dust from the cover and blades. Make sure they’re completely dry before you assemble them back.

4. Give your washing machine a wash

When you use your trusty washing machine every week, harsh detergent can easily build up on its internal components. Instead of getting fresh laundry, you may get clothes with unpleasant odor because of this.

What you can do is run an empty hot water cycle with two cups of white vinegar. Do a second cycle and add a cup of baking soda.

5. Give your TV some wiping

If you think flat screen TVs don’t get dirty, look closely. Using a dry microfiber cloth, wipe your TV every other day to prevent dust buildup. Never use alcohol, household cleaners or any abrasive cloth to avoid damaging the screen. Read our blog on How to Safely Clean A Flat Screen TV for more cleaning tips.

6. Inspect & clean those often-ignored kitchen appliances

For ovens and stoves, use a mixture of baking soda and water to scrub away grease. If you have a vacuum cleaner, empty the dustbin and replace the filter regularly.

Ensure all appliances are unplugged before cleaning to avoid any electrical hazards!

Final Thoughts on Appliance & Aircon Cleaning 

Keeping your appliances and aircon units clean and well-maintained during the summer is crucial for comfort and efficiency. By following these easy cleaning tips, you can surely save money in the long run!

In case you’ll need help with aircon and other appliance issues, just book with Teko! Visit our website today and schedule a booking with our certified and trained technicians 24/7.