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The Best Aircon Brands in the Philippines

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We know it’s hard to shop among the wide selection of best aircon brands in the Philippines, whether in-store or in online shops. But based on our monthly data from our thousands of aircon services as the country’s largest aircon & appliance services provider, can certainly vouch for Carrier, Condura, Midea, and Toshiba.

This blog post breaks down some of the top aircon brands in the PH, making sure that you select exactly what works for you when cooling off your home!


Carrier is globally known for its quality and dependability, making it a household name for aircon brands in the Philippines. It offers window, split, and inverter-type air conditioners designed to keep any space cool and comfortable. Along with innovative energy-saving technology, Carrier units make an incredibly cost-efficient option. No wonder why so many Filipinos opt for an AC from Carrier!

In 2022, Carrier received the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand for Air Conditioners award.


Another popular aircon brand in the Philippines is Condura. This Filipino-owned company offers a variety of window and split type models. Condura’s features include auto-clean technology to keep your home squeaky clean. Also, some of its units have sleep mode settings for superior comfort. That’s getting reliable cooling performance at a great value!

For example, with the Condura 6s window-type aircon, per hour electricity cost is only Php 2.48 (based on Meralco Power Lab Test on 0.5 hp.) With an option like this, you’re sure to find an aircon that fits your budget and needs.


Midea, a rapidly emerging Chinese brand, has earned the trust of Filipino consumers through its revolutionary air conditioners. It offers window, split, and inverter-type models designed to keep your home or office cool while minimizing energy expenses. Their products also boast advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows you to control a unit remotely with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands.

Shopping for an air conditioner in the Philippines can be overwhelming, with so many different models to choose from. But don’t worry! With Carrier, Condura, and Midea offering a variety of options meeting all needs while staying within your budget range, you’re sure to find the perfect air conditioning system for you. Prioritize factors like budget, room size, and efficiency ratings before making a purchase. Take advantage of these tips now as they’ll ensure that you stay cool at all times!

To help you make the most out of your AC, here’s a tool you can use to know how much power it consumes while using it at home.