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What Is Dry Mode in Aircon & How to Use It

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When the aircon is running, and it still feels heavy and sticky, there might be a problem with your AC unit. That’s why we’re here, Teko.ph, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, to give you tips about Dry Mode in aircon and when to use it.

What Is Dry Mode in Aircon?

An aircon works by drawing in warm air. It passes through the cool coils that condense moisture, and then blows the cool air too your room. Your aircon’s main goal is to cool the temperature, so there may still be humidity in the air.

With Dry Mode, you can make your aircon prioritize removing moisture from the air. This special setting might use a slower fan speed versus regular cooling. This way, the air spends more time passing over the cool coils to extract more moisture.

When you use this setting, you can prevent mold growth in your home. The air will feel less sticky and more comfortable, especially in humid climates like the Philippines.

When to Use Your Aircon’s Dry Mode

Most modern aircon brands have a Dry Mode that you can see in the remote control or control panel. If you’re not sure when to use this setting, here are situations when it’s recommended to turn it on:

  • When the air feels sticky even though it’s not too hot outside
  • During the rainy season when the humidity is high
  • When you need to dry clothes inside the room
  • When you feel like it’s difficult to breathe, especially if you have allergies or respiratory problems
  • It’s best to consult your air conditioner’s manual for specific instructions on activating and using Dry Mode.

If you do not have Dry Mode in aircon, don’t worry! What you can do is set your AC to a lower setting to condense more moisture from the air. Alternatively, set a higher fan speed to circulate air more effectively.

On days when it feels too humid, it may be better to invest in a dehumidifier. And at times that you notice that your aircon cannot solve the humidity in the air, we recommend booking an aircon technician to check your unit. Book at Teko PH today for quick professional aircon services in Metro Manila.