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A New Homeowner’s Guide to AC Unit Maintenance

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With a new home comes new responsibilities, including keeping your aircon unit running smoothly. That’s why we’re here, Teko.ph, the largest aircon, appliance, and computer services provider in the Philippines, with a simple guide to AC unit maintenance to help you, new homeowners.

Why Regular AC Unit Maintenance Matters

Just like your car, computer, or the house, your aircon needs some upkeep to function efficiently. Generally, you’ll want to achieve this so your aircon consumes less energy while blowing cooler air.

With regular AC unit maintenance, you can also identify and address AC issues before they become major repairs. This way, you can save more from unnecessary expenses! Plus, you’ll save yourself from uncomfortable days at home if your AC breaks down.

It’s also important to know that maintenance ensures your aircon unit circulates clean air. This means a healthier and more comfortable living environment with your family.

Aircon Maintenance Tasks You Can Do

Here are simple AC unit maintenance tasks you can handle yourself:

Aircon filter cleaning: It’s crucial yet relatively easy to clean an aircon filter. We recommend cleaning your air filter every month, especially during peak usage. If it’s your first time doing this, check the AC’s user manual.

Check for leaks: It’s normal for an aircon to produce some condesation when in use. But when you notice excessive water leakage, take note and visually inspect where it comes from. Call in a professional aircon technician to fix it.

Once you see complex issues like electrical problems, strange noises, or when your aircon is not cooling, it’s best to call a qualified aircon technician. We also recommend scheduling a professional diagnosis for proper maintenance solutions.

If you’re in Metro Manila or nearby cities, you can conveniently book a professional aircon technician with Teko! Visit our website today and book in a few clicks.