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5 Advantages of Inverter Aircon in the Philippines

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The Philippines is known for its steamy summer months. This makes air conditioning an absolute necessity. But what difference does it make to shop for an inverter aircon over a non-inverter unit? We’re Teko.ph, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, and we’ve listed the reasons why opting for an inverter aircon is a smarter choice!

1. Energy Efficiency

As commodities prices rise, Filipinos continue to find ways to save money while staying comfortable. But this can be hard living in a tropical country where average temperatures can go as high as 28°C. With aircon, it’s easy to escape the heat, but it can mean higher electric bills, compared to using just an electric fan.

An inverter aircon is an energy-efficient option if you see an AC as necessary. Inverter air conditioners are engineered to automatically adjust the compressor speed and cooling output according to the room temperature. This means that the compressor will run at a lower speed when the room is at the desired temperature, reducing the amount of energy consumed. In contrast, non-inverter aircon units operate at a fixed speed, consuming more energy even when the room is already cool.

2. Lower Electricity Bills

Because inverter air conditioning units consume less energy, they are more cost-effective in the long run. They may be more expensive to purchase than non-inverter units, but the savings on electricity bills will eventually make up for the initial cost. According to the Department of Energy, inverter aircon units can save up to 20-40% on electricity costs compared to non-inverter units. Once you decide to buy and use an inverter aircon, you may use our aircon consumption tool to check your savings on your electric bill.

3. Greater Comfort

Getting an aircon unit, especially if it’s from the best aircon brands in the Philippines, means getting a comfortable cooling experience. But when you can’t seem to have the right coolness, it may cause discomfort. Since inverter aircons are made to adjust the cooling output automatically, you won’t need to bother about sudden temperature shifts. No need to check your aircon’s LED display from time to time and manually adjust its settings.

4. Longer Lifespan

Inverter air conditioners are generally more durable than non-inverter models. The compressor does not need to work as hard as non-inverter units. Additionally, they have fewer mechanical parts that can wear out over time. Some models even come with advanced features like automatic self-cleaning and filter monitoring, which help keep the unit in good condition.

5. Quieter Operation

If you’re working from home, loud noises can easily distract you. Compared to non-inverter ACs, inverter air conditioners are quieter with minimal vibrations. It is an ideal cooling machine if you need a space with a tranquil atmosphere.

For that extra boost in your aircon’s efficiency, be sure to clean and maintain it regularly! You can clean the aircon filters as they can easily be removed from the machine. For better deep cleaning, you can simply book an aircon cleaning service with Teko. If you’re still wondering how often to clean your aircon, you may check out our blog here.