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6 Best Practices in Using Your Split Type Aircon

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As a homeowner, are you mindful of how you use your aircon? Do you control its settings or just set it to the lowest temperature to stay cool? That might not be the best way to use your aircon! We’re, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, here with tips to maximize the efficiency of your split type aircon.

1. Keep the air filter clean

The air filters in your split type aircon collect dust and debris over time, affecting the unit’s cooling efficiency. If you live with pets or near the streets, fur, and dirt will easily clog your AC’s filter.

We recommend cleaning the filter every one to three months. Check the user manual first if you’re not familiar with removing or cleaning it. You may also check our tips on How Often to Clean Aircon in the Philippines.

2. Take advantage of the split type aircon features

Does your aircon have a timer function? Use it so you won’t have to turn it on or off manually. If it has a programmable thermostat, lower the temperature during peak heat or humidity. 

Newer models even have WiFi connectivity, which you can use with an app. This can be very convenient, especially if you’re not at home! You can turn the AC on or adjust its temperature before you arrive. A split type aircon is also usually installed in a higher position on the wall. Obviously, the app and remote control are of big help!

3. Use an electric fan

In general, using an electric fan with a split type aircon can help circulate cool air faster. Position the fan to rotate in the direction that blows air downwards, towards the floor, to create a cooling breeze. Do not place it directly in front of the aircon so it won’t disrupt the airflow.

If you need one to help your AC, check out our list of the Best Brands of Coolest Fans in the Philippines.

4. Optimize your space

Insulation is one of the secrets to keeping cool air in and hot air out! Make sure your room is well-insulated by sealing gaps or cracks around doors and windows. In addition, use curtains, blinds, or shades to block direct sunlight.

If there are furniture and other things in front, under, or near the aircon, move them to another position. These obstructions can cause the AC to work harder, reducing its efficiency.

5. Timely repairs

If you notice any issues with your air conditioner, such as strange noises or reduced cooling capacity, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Delaying repairs can cause further damage to the unit and result in higher repair costs. Or worse, you might need to buy a new split type aircon. Make sure to hire a certified technician to fix your aircon quickly and safely.

6. Regular maintenance

Just like any appliance, your split type aircon needs to be maintained so it remains efficient and safe to use for more years. The best option is to hire an aircon technician to ensure proper cleaning and complete check-up.

Make sure to schedule maintenance checks with a professional at least once a year. If you’re the type who tends to forget about tasks like this, just get an aircon maintenance plan from Teko! You may customize your plan depending on your split type aircon usage or specific needs. You’ll receive email and SMS reminders about the cleaning service so you won’t have to worry in case you forget about it! All brands can be serviced by Teko, including the best aircon brands in the Philippines: Carrier, Condura, Midea, and Toshiba.

In conclusion, split type air conditioners are essential machines for keeping our homes comfortable, especially in hot summer months. By following these 6 best practices, you can ensure proper usage of your split type aircon, increase its efficiency, and save money on electricity bills.