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An Easy Guide to Aircon Cleaning in the Philippines

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Air conditioning is a necessity in the Philippines, especially during the hot and humid summer months. To ensure that your air conditioning unit is running efficiently, it’s essential to have it cleaned regularly. We’re Teko.ph, the largest aircon and appliance services provider in the Philippines, and we’ve got a guide about proper aircon cleaning, usage, and maintenance.

Signs That Your Aircon Needs Cleaning

Not sure how many months to clean an aircon or how often should aircon be cleaned? It will tell you that it’s time to clean it when you notice these signs:

  • Weak airflow: There may be dust and dirt buildup on the filter.
  • Foul smell: This may be a sign of mold or bacteria, or nasty odor from dead insects inside the machine.
  • Too much humidity: The air can get moist because of bacteria buildup on the coils. This may affect the air quality and the AC’s energy consumption.
  • Frozen refrigerant lines: An aircon’s refrigerant lines can become frozen with ice, leading to overheating and damage.
  • Strange noises: Low-level humming is normal, especially in non-inverter units. But when you hear rattling or buzzing, there may be a loose part or a clogged drain line.

Looking for more signs? Read our blog here to confirm when it’s really the time for aircon cleaning!

Aircon Filter Cleaning

If you’ve noticed one (or maybe all) of the signs we mentioned, the easiest and first way to clean the aircon yourself is through its filter. Because we are in a tropical country, you can expect dust and dirt to accumulate quickly in the aircon, and the filter helps trap them. This is why you should clean the aircon filter every 1-3 months.

Check the machine’s user manual first so you can easily locate the filter. Remove it carefully, wash, and let dry before placing back.

When is the best time to avail of an aircon cleaning service?

The most you can do to your aircon is clean its filters. We don’t recommend deep cleaning it on your own as you’ll need special tools and enough knowledge to do it correctly. If you own a split type aircon, it may even need a complete pull-down. The same goes for higher-grade aircon units, floor-mounted aircon or tower type, and ceiling-mounted aircon or cassette type, which are often used in businesses. You can simply book a certified aircon technician to get a professional cleaning service on demand.

Just remember to schedule an aircon cleaning every 3-4 months for residential units. If the AC is mainly used in a business setting or office space, it should be cleaned at least once every three months, especially during the dry season when intense heat typically causes unit overloads.

Where to Get the Best Aircon Cleaning Service

Do you know anyone who can repair or clean an aircon? Not many of us have contact with a technician, so we resort to looking for one online. However, it’s not easy to entrust your AC with just one social media post. You’ll have to check reviews and look for proofs just to be sure, right?

The good news is, Teko is here for your on-demand aircon cleaning service needs! You can book anytime online, just as how you order food. Once confirmed, a certified Teko technician will be at your doorstep on schedule. Aside from thorough cleaning, your technician can even give maintenance tips and recommendations on how often should aircon be cleaned.